Friday, 21 December 2012


hi all,

i am not sure if i have posted about my personal information before, but i am currently 19 this year, turning 20 in 2013. so in my opinion that is relatively old and i think that i should get a solid income soon. :/ or at least some cash coming in soon.

i was teaching tuition earlier this year and i had made some money.. but after the my student had completed his finals, its like the end of his tuition sessions and also the end of my little income! bleahhh... ....

what i am trying to say is that i should source for opportunities to earn some money now a little bit is fine ie few hundred dollars per month? hahaha!

any tips and advice from you readers??

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

career paths

i am sort of determined to go into teaching after i have completed my diploma.. .. maybe i will just apply.. apply for NUS science, apply for biological sciences in NTU and apply for NIE and see what happens next.

i am finishing up on my fyp report now. and i feel that i may not want to be a researcher in the future because of the report writing. the report writing is the suckiest part of being a bioscience researcher IMO. the wet lab is fun, the reading is fun, the troubleshooting is fun but the sitting infront of the computer and typing for hours and days isnt fun at all.

maybe i will not be the supervisor of a research. maybe i will just do what i want! the wet labs etc. idk.. lets just see what happens when i apply for university. hhaha!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Just reflecting.

Hello!. It's been SUPER LONG since I've posted.... ...

And I'm back! For now. After some reflecting and I thought that it would be good to post it up so I can read it again.

Been really busy now due to the Fyp report writing. All that I have been doing now had been typing typing typing most of the time when I'm awake. And I seem to be one of the few that are so busy typing in my class!! What??!!.. For real??..

Anyways, putting that aside, I suddenly thought of something while I was brushing my teeth this morning. I was thinking about why some people had to go to business school to study... I mean whatever you learn from school may not be applicable when you work. Because you will eventually learn an do well based on your experience and your failures in life, in the working life...

Then I suddenly came to realisation that you go to school to learn from people's mistakes, to learn fail-proof ways and methods to do a certain thing because there were millions of people in that past tht failed in it and they came out with this theory that could help in being sucessful!.

So all in all, I came to a conclusion that one is just sharing one's experience when one is teaching!. One is just passing down knowledge that one had learn from they years of experience!. One is just hoping that the next generation does not start from the same starting point as one does and instead know and learn from the mistake and try a different approach! That is how we move forward!! We do not start right from the beginning! We start from somewhere!..

And after thinking and going through the above, I want to teach. I want to work for several years, be somewhat successful and pass on my knowledge to the next generation!!..

That's what I want to do in the future.. :)

Monday, 16 July 2012

"why are you here" "why are you doing this"


This shall be a quick short post. Since I am using my phone to blog and I am merely just spending my short 10minutes waiting time to blog.

Anyways, I am early for my weekly coaching session at a children's home to help to kids for their studies/school work. While waiting, I suddenly asked myself: why am I here?? I know that I had made a very good impression during the meet up/interview months ago and I seem to have forgotten why I am here.

This community service had became a routine thing now. I wonder if it's a good thing. :/

I guess the two questions in the title would apply to everything and everything we do... Corrections, I do. I guess sometimes we should just take a step back and look at things at another angle instead of constantly rushing around the country running errands, doing things...

:) I guess I should be glad that I had the whole weekend to myself this week. It gave me this little break to rest from all the craziness I have been going through and think through some stuff.

That's all for now. I shall get on with my work. :)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

make up rants / randoms


was just wasting my saturday afternoon surfing the net when i was intending to revise my school work and while surfing the net, i realised something. haha!

dont you find it weird that there are MANY bloggers out there who blogged about their lives, their personal point of view and somehow they became famous and somehow many companies send them products requesting them to post their products on their web. and in the end, the whole blog is filled with advertorials and product reviews... ...

funny right.

just food for thought. :)

and anyways, before i was blogging, i was just searching for reviews and swatches about this cosmetic brand called ESSENCE. i know that it is a european brand and its like damn cheap but there is this :/ feeling about it. why am i researching on this brand?? well, COZ THEY ARE SOLD IN THE WATSON THAT IS JUST 10 MINUTES AWAY FROM ME!!! hahhaha!!

i was on the way to watch the amazing spiderman at that shopping mall and stopped by watsons to look at makeup (because my mascarra is about 6 months old its time to change it). and i saw ESSENCE!!! you should have seen how excited i was when i saw the brand there!! ahah! it was AHHHHH!!! OHHH ESSENCE!! NOW THEY ARE SELLING IT HERE!!! hahaha!

so i dragged my sis to look at ESSENCE. my sis got herself a mascarra for $6.50 and i got myself a power foundation? is that what it is called?? for $6. they are much cheaper than other drugstore?watsons? brands like maybeline and l'oreal. a maybeline mascarra can easily got for about $20 and a liquid foundation for l'oreal can easily be $30?? .. .. .

so ya.. essence is VERY CHEAP... .. however, i dont think the quality of their product is the best. for the foundation i got, it doesnt feel like it sticks onto my skin. :/.. .. it just feels as though i am not putting anything and i am not getting any use of putting the foundation on compared to my old maybeline matte foundation... ..

which reminds me something. haha! i shall show you what my maybeline matte foundation looks like now.. haha!
all shattered!! haha! ... ...

so yaa.. about the essence foundation. it just feels and look like i am not applying anything! and the weird thing is that i am a quite-average skin toned person. i am not the fairest. but for the essence foundation, the lightest shade fits me best!... ... :O for my maybeline foundation and for my consealer that i anyhow got at SASA, i got the medium/light shade... ... hahah!!

and then i have another story to tell hhaha!!

i wanted to buy myself a consealer for my dark eye circles. so i went into sasa and asked for recommendation as i wasnt very familiar with what kinda consealer is suitable as i have read about those green, pink, nude foundation. this colour is for pimples, that colour is for eye bags kinda stuff .. .. so i was lazy and i wanna get the product fast so i asked the staff! anyways they are paid for a reason. haha! and the person just recommend me the product, he even choose the shade for me, and i said i will take it. i mean that is what i want. and it was $29.90... :O so expensive!!! :( my wallet was crying~ ahaha! i got the product anyways. but its quite expensive for me.. ... considering the fact that i am a student with totally no imcome, my pocket money i receive from my parents only covers enough for food, no extra cash for entertainment or whatso ever.... .. :/

kay back to topic, i was searching about essence and i realised that their lipsticks are quite popular. haha. so i shall get them the next time i step into watsons. :)

thats all for now! byeeee

Friday, 22 June 2012

bloody hell

bloody hell.. when i entered my own site, i was directed to a page or smth saying that the page has virus.. wtf is this??!! i dont know whats going on!!

Sunday, 3 June 2012


hello folks!

as mentioned in the previous post, I suddenly have a increase in blog hits. and i dont care. i am going to assume as they are readers. hahaha!! 

so to keep my blog alive. i am posting again!! hahaha! 

i shall go back to talking about my hobby. nail art. 

recently OPI has released its SPIDERMAN collection!! who says that spiderman wasnt invited to Avengers?? 

he was not in Avengers because he will be featured in his own movie! hahah! marvel must have thought about not giving Spiderman too much limelight. hahah! 

so anyways, if you just google spiderman opi you can see the opi series or you can just go to the opi site. but honestly i do not like going to the opi site. i prefer googling it to look at swatches by bloggers :) hurray to bloggers! 

anyways, i LOVE the colours! ESPECIALLY the polish called JUST SPOTTED THE LIZARD! SHATTER THE SCALES ( the shatter polish in this collection)  also looks nice~
just FYI JUST SPOTTED THE LIZARD is the swatch on the top right hand corner. it is such an interesting colour! dont you agree??? hahah! 

so ya.. i absolutely LOVE just spotted the lizard, it is literally LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!! however, the person who i always buy from do not have the full size bottle YET. as mentioned in my previous posts, i buy my nail polishes from either scape orchard road or smoochiezz. and they claim that they have the licence so ya.. i buy from them. :) buying from them is much much cheaper that if you buy from retail. but do not expect quality service and quality handling of the products. some of the old old polishes they have had already settled down and you can see the layers of the different chemicals? in the polish..... .... so ya.. choose wisely! hahaha! 

 i have a photo of my friend's nails in some of the spiderman series polish maybe i will post them in the next few posts:) it is in my phone and i am too lazy to get it from my phone to blogger. hahah!! 

so yup! thats the end of this post. :)

please comment if you prefer posts like this about recommendation of a product or you prefer posts like my previous two posts, my opinion on an issue that is on going. :) 

disclaimer: i am not paid to promote any product or services. photos are from google. 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

kiasu-ism i've observed


my first paper is over! :/ i am supposed to revise for my paper tml, but i am super unmotivated to study. so i shall blog! i think i am crazy.. i blog often when i am having my school holidays and when i am having exams. :S 

but whatever~ 

anyways, i have noticed that my blog hits increased in the past few days. i wonder why. oh wells... 

now.. i shall talk about the topic of this post! i just made it up like 5s ago. but at least there is some content in this post. :D

so anyways, i was going to school for my exam this morning, it was approximately 7.30am? when i reached the MRT station. so ya.. because i have a morning paper, so i wanted to reach early to calm my nerves.. actually to do the last bit of revision :X back to topic, i was walking/reaching the train station and i see the usual working adults; aunties; uncles ah peks and ah mas q-ing (i dont know and cant spell q i dk why!!) up for the free newspaper that consists of both english and chinese articles 我报 and after they have received their free copy of the paper, they turned, and walked in a loop to take another free newspaper, TODAY..  

when i saw it i was like :O ... what the,... i thought having either one of them is good enough? are there THAT many news to report?? why are those people taking free stuff like they do not have money to buy THE STRAITS TIMES ?? its like 60cents or something... ... i have it delivered to my house so i dont know the price. hahaha. anyways, like seriously, why are those people so cheapo and want to take so many free papers?!! i mean yaaa they are free but you have $$ right. =.=. and yaa if you collect them you can sell them to the "rubbish" collector for recycling for a few cents. but what can you do with that few cents?? buy one cup of coffee????

seriously. i dont know why people want to save money to that extent. no money then dont buy so much~ dont eat good food~ dont go for movies~ i mean one dont have to be so kiasu to take both free papers~ =.=

i dont understand why some people are like that. 

so yaa thats all for now. bye~ 

Saturday, 26 May 2012

my views

hello anyone who reads my blog,

my common test is just next week and i think i am just committing suicide blogging right now. but its okay! i shall limit my bloging time to max of 20 minutes? i usually take hours. :X

so anyways, i am here to share my thoughts on the recent  's post! :)

please read her blog post to understand what i am going to blog about.

so anyways, i personally feel that the men who commented those unacceptable comments on xiaxue's photos are to be condemned. i mean like seriously~ xiaxue is just trying to show her support a political party in singapore. and she looks good in her photos.
seriously, it is not wrong at all for her to show her support to that party. i mean like hello??!! man, when you watch soccer, you will want to support your favourite soccer team by watching their matches and wearing some Man U or Liverpool shirt right??! so when you wear you shirts with the soccer team's logo, you are a paid supporter? you are a prostitute as well? trying to get the ladies to support that particular soccer team??


i also read the papers this morning, i usually dont read the papers, but anyways, there is this article written by the associate professor of a local university saying that she received such comments partly becuase of what she wore as well. like hello... a tank top and shorts? inappropriate? =.=

next, i feel that termasek review is also at fault, posting the photo and saying "captions please" like what???!!!! cant they put something more objective such as "local blogger showing support for a political party".. =.= "captions please" is a sign where it allows viewers to think in both ways. positively and negatively. if i were to see that photo and had to comment for it i would comment something that is child friendly and politically correct, something objective that would not cause a commotion or a snowball effect. i mean like seriously there is nothing wrong posting photos with the logo of a group drawn on you face.

i dont know why some sick men when to think about her being a prostitute. like wts?!!
i seriously do not understand haters! i mean if you do not like xiaxue, u think that what she is doing isnt appropriate, then dont look at what she is doing!! do not even comment on it. coz you do not support her way of doing things and why are you even bothered by it.

i believe that those men that commented on xiaxue's photo half wished they had sex with xiaxue, willingly or not and they were too upset that she is married to a good looking non Asian. so they hate her coz she is married and calls her a prostitute coz they wished that she is one. i mean like seriously~ she is petite, good looking be it with make up or not, confident, have awesome hair, have a shit as attitude which i believe some men imagined her whacking them while having sex.

i am not trying to generalize men as a whole. i know some good males who are nice and treat females well. but those men who said such comments should be condemned. and if xiaxue wants, she can sue them! like for real. she was just posting what she did in her everyday life and she is being called a prostitute =.=
so now what? if she take a photo with her husband, mike in a hotel room = they just had sex?
if she posts a photo that she is carrying a gucci bag = she stole it / it is a imitation / she got it from her prostitute money?!

noob or noob.

seriously good looking NOT = prostitute.

and to those men who had their faces in xia xue's post, GOOD FOR YOU! you did it!


posting negative comments or comments that could not be acceptable by the public ( either the minority or the majority) with your OPEN facebook account = suicidal!

my lecturer just told us this recently. to watch what we post on facebook, because you never know that your future employer may decide to hire you or not by looking at your facebook account. so if those men got fired or anything coz their employers saw xiaxue's post, i would say they caused it themselves. they are the one who did not post and comment responsibly.

well i took >20 minutes to type the above already.
i shall stop now.

i am not a fan or a hater of neither am i promoting her site, i just happen to read her blog quite often, once a month? i mean, her blog has a high impact factor and has many hits definitely at least 10^6 higher than mine. and i am just sharing my views on this issue.

good bye all the best for my common test.

Saturday, 14 April 2012


hi there

as mentioned in one of my earlier posts, i shop at for my nail polishes. and i also want to get my make up from there!


i need a blusher and/or bronzer as mentioned on my twitter sometimes, if you follow me :X

so what blush or bronzer should i get?//

i also realised from smoochiezz, you regular $1 elf products from the states are sold at $4 SGD in smoochiezz. i  guess the price is still OKAYYYYY ;/ considering the fact that we have to import products to singapore. even you regular faceshop or skinfood products from korea are overpriced in singapore. so my friends usually go to korea for a trip and buy a years' worth of faceshop or skinfood or tony molly products buying straight from korea is really much much  cheaper than buying them in singapore.. i would say the price are approximately 2 to 10 times the price here in singapore than in korea. hhaha!!

well, life sucks to be living in a high cost of living county and a country that have limited local produce.. i just have to admit to the fact that i have to pay more to look and feel good :/ hahaha!!!

i am not paid to advertise anything in this post. the above are all my personal opinions.

Friday, 6 April 2012

lip tip

hello there!

recently, i have been addicted to treating myself well and making myself look and feel good. been putting up make up almost everyday to work, putting lots of lotion/creams and DRESSING UPPPPPPPP!!!!
seriously the sky is falling.

me being a science student used to not care at all about my personal appearance. XD like really not care at all. i can just grab a t-shirt and match it with shorts and sneakers. a 5 minutes preparation. XD

so anyways i have been treating myself better. and i hopped upon this site
i spent the whole of yesterday reading that site that i forgot to alight from the trains twice :S
and i tried out one of their tips.
which is to brush your lips when you brush your teeth.

i just tried it this morning and my lips feels AMAZING.
so you should try it too!!

love ya~

Monday, 2 April 2012

my first movie review!!

hello !!

its been AGES since i blogged.
AND its also AGES since i watch a movie!!

last thursday i finally watched a movie!!


and may the odds be ever in your favour.

why did i watch the hunger games?
coz i dont know! there is nothing to watch? some of my friends says that john carter isnt worth to watch, some even slept in the theatres, lorax is a cartoon =.= .. warth of the titians isnt just my type.
so we ended up watching the HUNGER GAMES.

my supervisor at work says that its a classic story line, just like battle royalle. :/ hummmm.. but i didnt watcg battle royalle. oh wells. ahah!!

okayy.. i am not going to talk about the HUNGER GAMES's plot, you can read it from wikipedia. which is what i did. right before the movies =.=

i will definitely recommend all of my friends to watch it. maybe not because of the story line, but because it is an emotional roller coster! haha! i swear my emotions were all over the place when i watched it. sometimes touched, scared, nervous, etc etc.
i absolutely love the part where 

this lady volunteered herself in place of her younger sister to take part in the HUNGER GAMES! it was very emotional for me. i couldnt put myself into her shoes. i was so touched that she put her life at risk to save her sister's... ... i have a younger sister myself, if my younger sister were to be called for hunger games, i dont know if i could do the same as her. i dont think i would have the guts to stand up and save my sister and put my life at risk.
that part was the most emotional part of the whole movie, for me. i cried. haahha!!

so anyways, my ratings for this movie

plot: 3.5/5
photography: 2.5/5 . i didnt like how the film was taken. the camera zoomed to the actors' and actresses' face and the cameraman wasnt steady so i watched the film until i was dizzy. i mean u are staring at the actress's face but you cant see clearly because the cameraman kept moving. so i didnt liked it.:/
worth the watch? absolutely!
recommend friends to watch? DUHHHH

okayyy.. not only is the movie worth the watch, the china glaze collection for the hunger games is relatively popular too!

i really want the Luxe and Lush from this series! its some irregular gold flakes!... ... okayyy i want it so badly because i dont have a nail polish that is irregular in shaped. i have all the glitter stuff but not the flakes. if you get what i mean... ...

so i went online, went to orchard flee at scape, and THEY WERE ALL SOLD OUT!!! #()$!(%(#!)!#_$!#($*(
the next batch of stocks only come in after 3 weeks. so i have to wait!! zzzzzzz

oh! since i am talking about buying nail polish, this are the places i will buy my nail polish from:
this is a online shop, sometimes they will have fleas all around singapore. they even have a gmarket account! so you can buy stuff from this site and ship it to your place!
this online shop sells nail polish, make up, some tote bags. check it out!

another place is orchard flea at scape. there is always this booth of nail polish.. .. and they are permamently there. thursday to sunday.

so if you are interested in getting nail polishes that are cheaper than retail price from ie: tangs, BHG, sephora etc etc you can check it out at those two places! you cant get services like in the retail shops but you can get your authentic polishes at almost half the retail price!!

so ya.. i shall end my post because i need to work! hahaha!!

i am not paid to advertise any thing in this post. this post is based on my own opinion.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

FUTURE again

omg.. seriously, the more i research about my future education, the more depressed i get!
i mean seriously!

i have been reading various forums, comments etc about people still not getting into a university even though their GPA is still considered OKAYY.. like around 3.5, 3.4 etc. like OMG! then what about me??!!! i want to cry~!!! ... ... and the university considers your Olevels results! what if they look at my O level results and reject me?!!! WTF... .... ... ... haixxx... ..

Wednesday, 7 March 2012



its been quite a while since i've blogged.
i am blogging now because i was researching regarding my future! my post diploma path.
i was searching through google and i found out that to get to NTU biological sciences is relatively quite easy, looking at the cut off point 2-3 years ago. XDXD however, i also found out that NTU has such a thing called the QET, so the university can make sure that everyone in the school can speak proper english. and those that are required to take the QET have suck english grades for the A levels or Olevels which i am. :S

like wtf. i thought i can get rid of english for the rest of my life! i mean i can use proper english but i can write narrative, can do comprehension. lmao. if i cant use english properly to an extent, you cant understand a single shit i am typing right now.

well, sucks to be me!

so i added TO-DO-LIST!

  • buck up my english!
and i also found out that NTU biological sciences have modules that sounds VERY similar to what i am doing in my course right now, biotechnology. :) 

so i guess i will go for NTU's open house this weekend :) and find out more. 
see u at NTU's open house! 

Saturday, 25 February 2012


i really like dresses, however, i dont know what kind of dresses fits my body shape~
whenever i am shpping and i see a cute dress, they look horrible on me! coz i dont have a perfect body!! :/
not that i will go for plastic surgery or anything just to make myself fit int the clothes i like :X

but you knw, it is disappointing when you see something you like and u look horrible in it.. :S
maybe i should go for some fashion crash course or smth to know what type f clothes fits which body type. hahah!!

okayyy.. that first two paragraph was a little bit random. but i really have nothing to blog about.
nothing much happened, i was just wrking and ya. nothing much.!

ohhoh~ !! i went to my friend';s 21st birthday party yesterday~ a simple party with her friends. :)
the party was "SUPPOSED" to start at 7. but at 7, only a handful of people reached! i guess you are SUPPOSED to come late for such events??? ...XDXD i only reached the chalet at 8? around there hahaha! and the cake cutting session was delayed till 10.15pm around there. after the cake cutting it was about 11pm.. .. and there! i began to worry if i can take the last MRT back home. But luckily, i managed to board the LAST train back!!!!!! :DDDDDD came home showered, and it was 1pm.. hahaha!!

woke up today with a totally pissed off mood, as if i banged my head against the wall :X and i swear i didnt drink any alchol! i guess it is because of my sudden change of sleep timing. XD and i just PMS the whole morning hahahahaha!!!

anyways, Wild Empire;s upcming concert is just over a week away!! i am so excited!!

k i shall stp babbling nonsense.. i just came to, and just rant my way through this whle post. hahaha!!


my "O" key is spoilt, i need to bang it hard in order to type the letter "O" thus u see in my whole post i have quite a handful of missing "O"s.. bahahahah!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

i just cant stand it!

seriously! i cannot stand my internship partner!

here is what happened today, valentines' day~

she went out for lunch from 12-3.30.! and as for interns, we are supposed to be back at 2 latest and finish our work.! i mean like the company i am attached to isnt very strict about lunch hours but what i cannot stand is my partner;s attitude!

because we dont have a lot to do today, and we were just doing some simple labeling of tubes. like labelling of >1000 tubes.. both on the cover and at it sides. and i guess that was why my partner do not want to come back and work. but then again. we are INTERNS!! WE ARE SUPPOSE TO DO CRAP!! and then again, my partner said that she would be back after 2, around 2 plus. and she was back at 3plus?!!! WTF is this?!!

and when it was going to be 3pm, she smsed me asking if there was a lot of work to do. i mean like if i replied "no there is nothing to do" thn what?!!! will she just go play and not come back??!!! i mean like INTERNS ARE SUPPOSED TO DO WORK!! even though we have nothing to do, you cannot abandon your partner and go play while your partner is WORKING!!

i just find it unfair. like why the fuck is she playing when i am working! and she EXPECTS me to tell her when she is needed back to work.. i mean like it is ridiculous. she should be responsible for her actions.

this is just one of the few things i hate. i cannot stand it when my friends go out and play and asks me to go through whatever they have missed when i have made the effort to go for classes,, for work etc... ...

piss me off

Saturday, 28 January 2012

delayed post - new year resolutions

hi there!

i realised that i havent been blogging as often right now.. *oppps* but that is because i havent been using my laptop often! i know there are those blogger apps on the iphone etc, but i still prefer to do things on the laptop. my phone is for my social sites like twitter, facebook whatsapp etc!

as mentioned in the title of this post, i want to do a new year resolutions post!
yayaya.. i know its like the end of January. but its better late than never! right?? hahah! the reason to why i want to do this post is because i havent been doing much real work recently, and all i do was just watch tv, eat, sleep, go work. and done! and because i havent been like doing much, i reflect a lot.. especially after the lunar new year.. i will talk about the lunar year year stuff later.

so anyways new year resolutions:

  1. maintain my weight of 47 kg! .. k actually i am considered very light for my height. which is 167cm. if i am not wrong i am still considered under weight. XD but the reason why i want to maintain my weight is because for a girl it is sorta important to stay good looking! and i was lying on the sofa watching television yesterday, and my mum said, " you seemed to have gained some weight, you looked fatter now" i was like WTF??!! NO WAYYYYYY!!! ... so ya... i WANT to maintain my weight~!!
  2. save $4000 in cash this year! either by working part time, saving up from pocket money WHATEVER!!. i want this $4000 because i want to go for an overseas trip, a choir exchange to japan with the choir i am in! and i refuse to touch on my savings! my savings are for my university education! so ya.. i shall save up!! i guess it is kinda hard to acheive that if i dont have a job.. .... zzzzzz zzzzz i shall try.!
  3. get a boyfriend! haha! a few post ago i was posting about BRG and now i am saying that i wanna have a boyfriend. haha!  in addition, the feng shui guy that was on tv during the cny celebration did say that the rooster have quite a good year this year, in work, financial, romance. Check out this great MSN video - Rooster (Chinese Zodiac) the feng shui guy said that if single, join some social events and get opportunties there, if attached, BEWARE of third party entering your relationship, it is kinda dumb and contradicting but i think it is time for me to get into a relationship.. XDXD ALSO, during this cny, a few of my relatives asked if i have a boyfriend. =.= in that situation ( in cny) i kept thinking, WTF do i look that old to be in a relationship and preparing to get married??! hahah! but it is somewhat important to be in a relationship, in my opinion. haha! i guess that if you arent in a relationship when you are around 20 years old, it is very difficult to be in a relationship after that. hahah! take my co-supervisor at my attachment site for example. he is 27 this year and he just broke up with his girlfriend due to religious issues last year. and being single at 27 in singapore is like "OMG!! you wont get married!" because everybody in singapore gets married at that age!! at that age its either that you are already in a relationship, or married! if you are single at 27, means... ... you have a high chance of remaining single for the rest of your life.. oh!! speaking of my co-supervisor, i am reminded of something that my partner said. and i think it is damn funny... well, i always , unknowingly bicker with my co-supervisor and my partner just said directly "i cant stand you two man! you two always bicker! yall should get married." like LOL!!! but i have to agree, i bicker with my co-supervisor like we are old married couples who are married for 20 years. hahah!! but too bad!!! i think my co-supervisor is too old for me!! i am born in 1993, whereas he is born in 1985 it is 8 years difference in our age!! too big! too big!! i guess i will only get into a relationship with a guy who is like 3 years older than me!? anything older than that i will treat him as a good older brother that i look up to... ... and speaking of older brothers, i find that my friends who are born in 1985, the mens, are surprisingly attractive to me! i dont know why, maybe their maturity ... .. but i have a couple of male friends who are born in 1985 and i find them attractive.. haha! if the whole world is dead and there is only my male friends born in 1985, i dont mind spending the rest of my life with them. haha!! 
  4.  plan each day wisely!  as i was inspired by a paragraph i read.. and if i i am not wrong it was also mentioned in one of the motivational courses i went in the past years. imagine there is a bank account that credits your account each mornign with $86,400. it carries over no balance from day to day. every evening the bank deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day. what would you do? draw out every cent, of course? each of us has such a bank. its name is time. everymorning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. every night it writes off as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to a good purpose. it carries over no balance. it allows no over draft. each day it opens a new account for you. each night it burns the remains of the day. if you fail to use the day's deposits, the loss is yours. there is no drawing against "tomorrow". you must live in the present on today's deposits. invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness and success. the clock is running. make the most of today. so ya.. i will make each day meaningful! and i will start by planning for each day early in the morning! haha! this is the reason why i drew my 2012 planner all by myself in a notebook! so i can have a monthly section which allows me to visualise what i have for the month and i have a weekly section which provides me with enough space to write my daily goals! and i used to do daily goals, and daily to-dos during the exam period and it seem to work so i shall do it for the whole of 2012, and make my life meaningful and well spent! 

so ya! thats it! 4 goals for this year! k actually there should be more, but i feel that i have spent way too much time typing this post.. if i am not wrong i have spent more than a hour typing this and i shall stop.. it is 3.40pm already... ... haha!! so thats all for now.. i may post a new year's resolution part two if i am on my laptop.. BYE!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

lunar new year!

hi there!!

its been a very long time since i came back to blogger.. miss me? hahaha!!

anyways, the lunar/chinese new year is round the corner!!
get ready to meet up with relatives, collect red packets and eat some awesome goodies!

so anyways, i am doing my internship now, in Defence Science Organisation, Defence Environmental Medical Research Institute! and today DSO had a chinese new year (CNY) celebration! so it is a day off for me! i only went for their celebration in University Cultural Centre in National University Singapore in the morning and came back to DSO HQ to have a buffet lunch and lao yu sheng session!

during the lao yu sheng session, i think because the host isnt a chinese, he went going on and on like "TAKE YOUR CHOPSTICKS! IF NOT YOUR NEW YEAR WILL NOT BE PROSPEROUS" "DONT START YET! IF NOT ... ... " When i heard what he said i felt kinds !@)#$(#@*%@#($#!) because its sorta cursing us that we will have bad luck in the new year, etc if we do not grab our chopsticks, if we do not start at the same time, if we start pouring out ingredients first.

but oh wells.! haha!

anyways, my nails are ready for CNY! i painted OPI nicki minaj's pink friday on 3 of my fingers and fly on the other two on each hand. i am still thinking what kind of decoration i should put above the two gorgeous colours. no inspiration YET>. <

oh oh oh !!
when i was using my OPI, i discovered that the high end nail polishes like OPI have a drastic difference compared to the normal korean nail polishes that i usually use that cost $3. when i applied my OPI on my finger, there is a obvious difference in quality! so ya.. next time BUT THE EXPENSIVE STUFF ! DO NOT BUY THE CHEAP STUFF!!!


so ya. that;s all for this post! i need to fill up my log book and complete my assignment that i owe.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Am I like sick??

Hi all.

As mentioned in a couple of old posts on my blog, I am a choral singer. In march this year, we will be having a concerts with many of our singers singing solo!

So anyways, today after practice, my secondary school mates who are in the same adult choir ( tenors and basses) demonstrated a male chorus song. And that is when I feel really left out.

I suddenly feel that I don't have any good friends to ask for a shopping trip, I don't have good friends to come together to sing a song with me. I suddenly realised that I don't like p hang out with anybody. I don't like to go for dinners with my friends, I don't like to chit chat and talk about anything under the sun to anybody. For this upcoming concert, it is really about the passion of a singer for their own singing. It's really about the PASSION!! And I have this "I don't care" mentality !!

Seriously. This isn't NORMAL!! How can I not be passionate about anything?!!!

I think I am psychologically sick.

And seriously. I know that in the past, I used to be very cheerful and happy everyday. And now?!!!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

NYX eye shadow + gloss

Hi all!!

I am selling the below item!
Price SGD$15.
Excluding postage.
If you are a Singaporean I can pass it to you personally and collect the money in cash. (since the banks are crazy crowded these days)

It is a BRAND NEW ITEM!! My sis accidentally took this instead of the other palette that we wanted. So I am selling it!!

Please contact me if interested!!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

i need a tuition assignment!

hi all!

as stated in the title, i need a job. tuition assignment preferably to earn some $$. as i am hoping that i can go for a overseas choral tour with the choir i am in.


any tuition assignments? email me!!