Tuesday, 29 May 2012

kiasu-ism i've observed


my first paper is over! :/ i am supposed to revise for my paper tml, but i am super unmotivated to study. so i shall blog! i think i am crazy.. i blog often when i am having my school holidays and when i am having exams. :S 

but whatever~ 

anyways, i have noticed that my blog hits increased in the past few days. i wonder why. oh wells... 

now.. i shall talk about the topic of this post! i just made it up like 5s ago. but at least there is some content in this post. :D

so anyways, i was going to school for my exam this morning, it was approximately 7.30am? when i reached the MRT station. so ya.. because i have a morning paper, so i wanted to reach early to calm my nerves.. actually to do the last bit of revision :X back to topic, i was walking/reaching the train station and i see the usual working adults; aunties; uncles ah peks and ah mas q-ing (i dont know and cant spell q i dk why!!) up for the free newspaper that consists of both english and chinese articles 我报 and after they have received their free copy of the paper, they turned, and walked in a loop to take another free newspaper, TODAY..  

when i saw it i was like :O ... what the,... i thought having either one of them is good enough? are there THAT many news to report?? why are those people taking free stuff like they do not have money to buy THE STRAITS TIMES ?? its like 60cents or something... ... i have it delivered to my house so i dont know the price. hahaha. anyways, like seriously, why are those people so cheapo and want to take so many free papers?!! i mean yaaa they are free but you have $$ right. =.=. and yaa if you collect them you can sell them to the "rubbish" collector for recycling for a few cents. but what can you do with that few cents?? buy one cup of coffee????

seriously. i dont know why people want to save money to that extent. no money then dont buy so much~ dont eat good food~ dont go for movies~ i mean one dont have to be so kiasu to take both free papers~ =.=

i dont understand why some people are like that. 

so yaa thats all for now. bye~ 

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