Monday, 2 January 2017

Lost, unsure, full of unsecurities.

Hi it's me.

As I recalled, the last time I posted was during my unemployment. Just a quick update on my life, I'm employed!

I am currently a full time employee in a MNC and working on the back end of clinical trials.
Work is fine, decent pay, good location (45 minutes from my house), decent career progression opportunities.
It isn't fantabulous neither is it a crap working environment, it's just fine.

So moving on from education, I've gotten myself a job which I see myself in for probably 3 years? With the intention of using the skills I've obtained n venture to greater grounds.

Currently I've been working for 3 full months, tomorrow is the start of the 4th month working at my current position and I'm still struggling to find a balance between work n life.

Especially life.

Currently I've nothing to look forward to after work, I exercise once a week with my best friend from my university times, and meet up with random friends once in a while. Other than that, I've no other plans.

No boyfriend. No classes. Nothing much.

I think I'm too used to looking forward to something after classes everyday and now I feel empty not having any commitments.

In addition, with the lack of a partner, I might be left on the shelf and may die alone without a partner. As with my social life right now, there is no opportunities to meet guys or hang out with new people.
And just before typing this post, I was actually googling "what to do when you are single af" this shows how screwed up I am with my life. T.T

Oh wells.

Just suddenly feeling very emotional that I am required to pen my feelings down.