Saturday, 15 December 2012

Just reflecting.

Hello!. It's been SUPER LONG since I've posted.... ...

And I'm back! For now. After some reflecting and I thought that it would be good to post it up so I can read it again.

Been really busy now due to the Fyp report writing. All that I have been doing now had been typing typing typing most of the time when I'm awake. And I seem to be one of the few that are so busy typing in my class!! What??!!.. For real??..

Anyways, putting that aside, I suddenly thought of something while I was brushing my teeth this morning. I was thinking about why some people had to go to business school to study... I mean whatever you learn from school may not be applicable when you work. Because you will eventually learn an do well based on your experience and your failures in life, in the working life...

Then I suddenly came to realisation that you go to school to learn from people's mistakes, to learn fail-proof ways and methods to do a certain thing because there were millions of people in that past tht failed in it and they came out with this theory that could help in being sucessful!.

So all in all, I came to a conclusion that one is just sharing one's experience when one is teaching!. One is just passing down knowledge that one had learn from they years of experience!. One is just hoping that the next generation does not start from the same starting point as one does and instead know and learn from the mistake and try a different approach! That is how we move forward!! We do not start right from the beginning! We start from somewhere!..

And after thinking and going through the above, I want to teach. I want to work for several years, be somewhat successful and pass on my knowledge to the next generation!!..

That's what I want to do in the future.. :)

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