Sunday, 7 December 2014

inspired by

I have this recent obsession with EXO, a korean boy band, as mentioned in my previous post and I just want to share this quote that I got that is truely amazing so I can remember it instead of it being lost in my tweet history.

Anyways, you can follow me on twitter @questionmarkyee ! but I tweet mainly regarding kpop and rage tweets when I need to complain. my blog, i guess is more for reflection and more mature stuff. well, thats what I aim to be anyways.

anyways, here's the quote 
Don't make EXO the reason of your study failures. Make us your INSPIRATION, not your DESTRUCTION, because of your OBSESSION. - Kai, EXO
I dont know when did he say this. but i saw this on twitter previously during before my examinations and it motivated me to delete my twitter app on my phone and focus on my studies. haha! 

I guess I could say that it really made me more focus without my daily dose of EXO on my Tlist.

I hope that you can by inspired by this quote too and focus and achieve more! 

good luck!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

what am i doing with my life?

Has it ever occur to you that you are a no lifer?
I am experiencing that right now. 

My friends has various post exam activities and me? 
No plans at all. 

Well, I have plans to go overseas, but other than that, nothing. 

Have you ever compared yourself to various celebrities you see on the television, online, youtube etc and envied them?

Recently I have been hooked up to EXO, a korean boy band. 
Well, they are around the same age as me but yet they have achieved a million times more than me. 
It makes me envious and depressed. 
It is not that I am giving myself too much pressure, but the world is like that. 

I guess. 

How did everyone else achieve so much and i achieved so little? 

I have no life, I am stuck at home with no friends to go out with, stuck with this world of internet. 

~just a random and quick reflection.