Monday, 31 October 2011


should i get nail stamping kits?? i mean like the konad, born pretty kinds..

Friday, 28 October 2011

i feel like posting up a post ENTIRELY in SINGLISH

singlish = Singaporean english.
it is a form of english that has been transformed by us singaporeans due to our mixture of culture we have here and the various languages we used here.
it is not an official language. but it is a language that i believe most singaporeans can understand without having to study it.

i am a singarean chinese but i am different from the chinese people from mainland china


school has started.

hell has began again. :/ when its the school term i tend to be VERY busy. especially that i am in my second year right now..

so anyways, i would like to share my opinion on something that has happened. something sad.

it can be seen in newspapers:

online new sites?

on blogs: <-- this blogger is a good looking malaysian. :DDDD

and you can see the real thing on youtube:

horrible right. i believe that no matter which country you are from, you would have heard the news about yue yue. and now i shall give a short write up on what i feel about it. 

well, obviously this incident is inhumanely, ridiculous, WTF! i seriously didnt expect ANYONE to be so heartless at this era. i though that any one human should have been taught properly on how to be HUMAN. wait. i though this is common sense! 

1) how did the toddler get on the roads without her mum knowing? 
2) how can ALL the 18 passers-by be blind; dumb; stupid; heartless! its a freaking toddler there! in blood, in the middle of the road!!! like WTF?!!
3) how can the driver knock someone down and not realise that he/she is in wrong?? how can the driver be so bloody cold hearted to not step out of the vehicle and try to help the little toddler?!!!!

to the passers-by and driver(s):  
are you like fucking blind??! 
are you like fucking cold hearted??! 
are you like a fucking idiot??!


dont know first aid??
scared to be sued in turn??
rushing for an "important" meeting??
because the child there is a girl??

if you dont know fucking first aid, at least get the little child OFF THE ROAD!!! at least call for help!!! whether with phone ( for ambulance ) or for someone in the vicinity to DO something!! get a medical doctor from the clinic or SOMETHING!!! 

seriously, those DOCTORS in the clinic are called DOCTORS for a reason. i believe if the doctor is well train and have some good common sense, the doctor will be able to do something to minimise the injury. HELLO!! THIS IS A FUCKING EMERGENCY!!! 

if you are afraid that you will be sued in turn, thn good luck. because there is a video camera that caught all that I-PRETEND-I-DIDNT-SEE-ANYTHING part that you did. and if you are REALLY helping, it would have been caught on camera. so you cant be sued. so YOU happily let the child lie there literally waiting for death AT A FREAKING YOUNG AGE!!!

if you have a important meeting, if that is YOUR EXCUSE.. you can just kill yourself, seriously. this is life and death situation yo! even if you have a meeting with the president of i dont know what, i believe that the president can understand. like DUHHH..

and if you think that you shouldnt help because the child there is a girl, just fuck yourself! why do you still care about your fucking tradition where males are "more loved" than females because males can carry down the family line blah blah blah.. like hello!! it is a LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION HERE!! and where do you fucking come from?? your mother's womb!! like fuck?!!! if you dont care about a person because the person is a girl/female, then what about your MOTHER! she is a female too!! she did something fucking awesome that is to GIVE BIRTH TO YOU!!! hey! talk about passing down the family line, if there is NO FEMALES, there wont be any offsprings, so YOU CANT CONTINUE TO CARRY DOWN THE FAMILY LINE!! like fuck??!! both males AND females are equally important to the world. if that is your excuse, just fuck yourself seriously..

now for the parents of yue yue, 

i had a small discussion of this with my mother. and i seems to be more that what it looked like.

1) the parents may have intentionally allow the little girl to roam around by her own. after all she is a girl and with all the family line shit.. her parents may not want her at all! thus " accidentally" not watching her.

2) the parents may be in need of money. you can see in various articles ( just go to google and find) that there are MULTIPLE stories that eg: the old lady committing suicide, wants to jump off the building. and a good hearted man came to her rescue to be in turn successfully sued and have to pay for the medical bills and some compensation to the old lady. 
seriously WTF? how can that country have such stuff???! thus i think the parents MAY be wanting the $$ and is "willing" to let the little girl pay the price for them. afterall, girls arent that valuable to them. by keeping the girl healthy and strong in turn needs a lot of money. and the parents may think that they could use their daughter to dig out some money from another kind hearted person who tries to help the little girl but is sooo going to be sued and ended up having to pay a compensation fee.  

this is madness seriously!! just google it and you can find many other blogger blogging about this issue.

but i will not side track. as mentioned in my title, i am a singaporean chinese not a chinese from mainland china. and even though my genetics may consists of the characteristics that are similar to the chinese citizens in china, my environment has made me different. i may have the same brown eyes, black hair and yellow skin, but i know that the values i have are different from those heartless people as mentioned above.

my environment has made me and the other singaporeans : kiasu, kiasi and kiabo. which means scared to lose, scared to die, scared not having it/something in hokkien. 

and why am i telling you that i am not the same as those chinese people in china?? not because i dont want to be labelled cold hearted, you can label  me as anything you want i dont care. because i know what am i and who am i. if i am cold hearted, i will admit that i am cold hearted. but the actual fact is that i am not. so you cant do anything to change the fact, so your words are a lie. so the reason why i am tell you that i am a SINGAPOREAN CHINESE is because..

i think singapore is damn cool siol!! 

here is why... ... 

i was heading to school in the morning, and i was on my way to the MRT ( mass rapid transit, a transport used in singapore. it is basically a train that transports millions of singaporeans to work, school and everywhere and anywhere is singapore. airports, shopping malls, to places of interest etc) so at the train station, i saw this blind lady. with her walking cane.. 

and it was early in the morning, so the train station was hell chaotic and crowded. but despite all that chaos, and people rushing to work, many of us at the train station still give way to the blind lady, and some even guided her. 

i saw her twice. once yesterday, and the second time today. yesterday i "met" her at the escalator. i didnt know if i should help her or not as she knew her way to the part of the platform where the train doors opens at. even though i am totally guilty of not helping her.. i was still thinking if she needs help. but i saw myself and many passengers giving way to her. i mean like she know where to walk.. on that crowded morning train platform, people actually gave way to her even though we may be late for work, school etc. i was going to the opposite direction so i didnt see what happened when she was on the train. 

today, i saw her again. this time at the gantry of the station. i was 15metres away from her. ohh wells... so i just observe. this time i saw that someone was guiding her to tap her card to get in. after she got in, someone volunteered to guide her to the lift. but she insisted on taking the escalator. at this point of time i was beside her ( because my walking speed damn fast hahah!). she insisted on her way was probably because she dont want anybody to mislead her and kidnap her or something.. after all she is a girl she ought to be ya.. i was beside her and she took a few seconds before she step onto the escalator. and the next thing was that she was "flying up the escalator". this is because in singapore, we have this habit of keeping left if we are not rushing for time on the escalator. so the right side of the escalator is meant for people who are rushing to walk up the steps of the escalator. so the blind girl was walking up the escalator!! like wow!! she is blind and she can locate the escalator, step on it with no problem and walk on it.! FANTASTIC!! DAMN COOL!!!! so she climbed up the escalator and she was on the platform! a lady guided her to the spot where the train doors will open. 

and i dont know what else happened because i was on my train in the opposite direction to school hahaha!

but the moral of the story is that the blind girl can easily sue EVERYBODY who guided her for molest because to guide a blind, the first reaction is to grab her arm or something.... but many of us still helped her. and even though at that situation, there are hundreds of passers-by, but we didnt ignore her. we gave way to her. 
this really shows that the environment really plays a part in character development. and that china citizens should just go and die   kidding! and that i am a singaporean chinese and i am different from the chinese in china as well as all over the world. 

giveaway that i want to win!!

isnt the polish just pretty??

ends 5 november. ( a day after my dad's birthday! hopefully i win it! )

Monday, 24 October 2011

nail cuticle?

hello! i am blogging with my laptop!!! omg!! in addition, my school term has started, so i really dont think i should be blogging but oh well! temptations! hahah!! anyways, i was blog hopping and i found

makeup and beauty review 's blog!

and the blogger was blogging about cuticles in one of her older posts. and while reading the post, i was like:

"HUH??? what the crap is a cuticle???! i heard about it but what is it actually???"

so this blogger has a really good diagram ( see below)

and i think it is a really good diagram!!

but i still dont know the importance and ANYTHING about cuticles. hahaha!! i THINK it is some where in her post, but I WAS SUPPOSE TO DO SOME RESEARCH FOR MY SCHOOL ASSIGNMENT. no time to read! need to finish up my assignment ASAP!!
so i have decided to blog about it to :

1) remind me to find out about cuticles
2) tell you to find out about cuticles!

 so yaaa... nail cuticles? cuticles??

maybe when i am free i will find out about it and maybe blog about it!


Friday, 21 October 2011

Random THEFACESHOP polishes

Hi! I just went to vivo city and tried out some random glitter polishes!! These are the slightly more expensive bottles ($7.90). I didnt buy them. I just went into the store to try them (without buying. Opps.)

Before that I also went to étude house to try their newest polishes, matte polishes. (they have 10% storewide). However, it's bottle was tiny and it cost $5.90 per bottle. So I did not feel that it's worth it and I didn't buy any.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Today I was so freaking pissed till I cried out literally while complaining and whining about it to the rest of my classmates.

Here's the background story.
My school has signed a contract with a new printing company for students to print our notes etc in school at a low rate. In the past, the fees were 2.5 cents per page printed.. Rounding up to the nearest 5 cents where needed (because we don't use 1cents here in Singapore anymore ) and for binding it is $1.50 for any thickness. It's relatively cheap.
However; with the new printing company that my school got. The rates increased! DAMN IT!! It is now 5cents per page for <10 pages printed. And 3cents each for >10 pages. ON TOP OF THAT, THEY ADD 7% GST!! Binding for any thickness is $1.60.

I know that the fees increased by a few cents, but imagine, if you have to print hundreds of pages of notes per module you take, you will spend A LOT MORE!! Today I spent $3.10 for all the notes for HALF a module!! Oh! Not to forget, they claim to not provide stapling services. In the past, my notes have NEVER cost more than $2.50 FOR THE WHOLE MODULE... -.-

So back to the story to how I was sooooooooo pissed.

I am the class representative for my class so I have sent one set of notes to the printing centre to print on Monday. I was supposed to collect it today. So during my practical, we have to let our samples run electrophoresis thus we have some time before the whole test is complete.. Since I have some time, I went to the printing centre to collect my notes for my class!!


Like hello!!! If I can print another copy easily, why can't I just print it myself?!! Why do I come to you?!!! And how can you lose a student's notes?!!!

Really!! You. Can't. Lose. Student's. Notes. Really. It's like a death sentence. Hahaha!!

Oh oh oh!!! And yesterday I had to collect another set of notes as well! My lecturer sent it for mass printing. So all I had to do was to collect it. And you know what?!!!


Do I still need to elaborate?!! I am pissed with this printing company... They suck! And they refuse to give me a receipt when I requested for one!!! DAMN IT!!!



Arghhhh I desperately need a new iPhone 4 screen protector. :/

My current one has TONNES of scratches and today there are new pink stains on it! And I totally dont know how the pink stains got onto my screen!!!

Time to go shopping! I shall find some time to do that. Seriously, my school timetable sucks TTM.. It's the third day of school today.. And I really don't know how am I going to survive 7 weeks of such hell before I go for my internship...

Oh well... Just "keep holding on"

Monday, 17 October 2011

Ohhh yaaa

I am FINALLY starting to use my goodies from the giveaway I won.. It's really a lot of stuff to use. I dint know where to start.. There were lots of things. Nail polish, fake eyelashes, facial masks etc etc...

Will post about them soon. (;



I saw some photos of Singapore that I screen shot on my iPhone and I felt that you should enjoy as well.

These photos are not taken by me. XD.

Welcome to my world!!

Most of the pictures are taken at the floating platform during this year's national day. And some are taken at the marina barrage.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pie. Fruit pie.

Okayyyy dumb title. But WHATEVER!!! hahaah!!

Anyways, these photos are from weeks ago. XD. I have decided to post them to fill my blog with more photos than words.

Anyways, this fruit pie is Frm my mother's friend. She bought it at takashimya/Ngee Ann city, Singapore.

And honestly speaking, I wasn't very impressed with the pie. I feel that it tastes normal... I think it is also because of the fruits used.. Well, that's life in Singapore. We don't get fresh fruits from the trees. We only get imported fruits from other countries. So by the time the fruits hits the supermarkets, they are a few days old I assume?? And the fruits uses in the pie are berries!! We can't grow berries here in Singapore or even in our neighbours like Malaysia! We are just too hot here!!! So maybe that's what made the pie unimpressive... They should make a durian pie. And it will be HEAVENLY.. hahaha!!

Even though the taste isnt that fantastic, I think it will make a great gift.. Considering that you don't see such big pies often in Singapore.. And it LOOKS expensive. Hahah!!

The pie was really BIGGG but I didn't take a picture of the whole pie. Because when I reached home from work to eat it, 3/5 of it is gone.-.-

So there!! The photos of the pies..!!!! (:

Disclaimer: I am not making any money by promoting this pie.

Fail nail art??

Hi! Like I've said, I will start to post up my overdue photos!!

Tada!! My nails during the FAOBMB conference. My first time doing this design. And I don't know what to call it.. It's kinda failed because of the quality of polish and the control of the brush. I was totally SHIVERING while painting this.. :/ I think I need more practice. And the polish I used are the faceshop polishes. And I think the faceshop polishes tend to screw itself up when u used about half a bottle... It become all dry, disgusting, molten-ey kinda thing which is very hard to use to do designs. And I didn't use any special brushes to do this design. I just used the brush for the polish.

Maybe I will do this design again. With better polishes. Hahaah!!

But really... If you see it from far it doesn't look that crappy. Haahahaha!!

Saturday, 15 October 2011


I really need to post my photos of my nails and a few other pretty things.

And I really need to return my over due library books! :S

Friday, 14 October 2011

Opi and china glaze and others

Here there!

In one of my previous posts, I asked if there's any where selling cheapER branded polishes. And I found a place that sells them cheaper than retail prices!!

I think I will go there tml :/ hahaha!!

So what do you think is the MUST HAVE OPI or china glaze polishes??

Should I get a nail envy polish??? It costs $16.

Somebody is looking at my blog but they are not commenting or following!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

english, chinese, translation

hi! again!!

today, while working, there was a customer from China. he seems to be here on a business tripand only know little english. so since most of my colleagues are filiphinos, they obviously dont know how to speak and understand chinese! thus THE SINGAPOREAN IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY!!

because being a singaporean, we are exposed to both our mother tongue and english! for me its chinese.
and as ive said, i wenty to save the day and be a translator for 20 minutes. only then i realised:

i can speak, write, understand both the english language and the chinese language but i cant TRANSLATE!! well, i cang translate word for word and i cant seem to translate certain chinese words to english and vice versa even though i totally understand the meaning! i found myself saying a grandmother story while i try to translate.

*do you understand what i mean??*

for example, one of my conversations with one of my colleague from china.

there was a new full time staff who just started work and i asked my "china colleague" if she is a permanent staff or just temporary? and the "china colleague" dont know the meaning of 'permament' as my colleague didnt learn a lot of english before she came to singapore to work. she knows and understands basic english but some terms and words she dont know.
and so at that point i was petrified. i didnt know the WORD/ the phase in chinese for permanent! so i went saying a grandmother story that if she is going to stay here for 2 years or for long.

* now do you understand???*

i am very glad that i know two languages.and i am forced to know it due to the country i am in. but i am very disappointed that not everybody in this country can be a translator! its just weird!! you understand two languages but you cant translate them!!!! its like you can sing a lot of songs and you sang them beautifully but you dont understand the meaning of the songs you singing. it isnt right.

i dont know what the education system here is singapore should change or do about the inability to translate despite knowing two languages. but i think its a issue to be brought up or to think about.

just think. no harm thinking!


hi! i am using the laptop to blog!! (:

why am i blogging at this time?? ( its 1.30am at my side) its because of my parents! -.- annoying

seriously i dont understand them! because i am working temporary in retail, so i end work very late as i usually work till the shop closes. by the times i reach home is about 11.15pm?? around there?? and i will slack slack a little bit and ponder if i should shower before i catch AMERICA's NEXT TOP MODEL cycle 16 at 12.05am on STARWORLD. usually i will shower after watching my show. 

so by the time i finish my show, showered, wash my dishes its after 1 am. and TODAY my dad came out of his room to pee=.= and he said in chinese ' what are you doing?? its so late! why arent you sleeping??" like hello?? its only 1 am. you slept and woke up doesnt mean 5 hours have past. =.= 

and i totally swear that he said the exact same words when i stayed up till 2.30 am. =.=

**pause for effect**

i can bet $1 (HAHAH!) that he dont know what time it is when he woke up to pee. and its not like i wake up at 5am in the morning to go to school. i wake up at 8 or 9 am! so i have a decent 7 hours of sleep?? ( around there) 

sometimes i think my dad isnt exactly THINKING when he speaks especially when he comes out in the middle of the night to pee. and sometimes i think my parents are control freaks. ( my mum still "search" or "spotcheck" on my stuff =.=)

so what are your parents like? are they like mine? comment below!!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Ahhhhh I suddenly feel that my blog post sounds SOOOO mature and inspirational! Do comment on them !!

Addition of some sometimes.

Seriously, Sometimes I feel that I am very mature. I think a lot. Especially when I'm by myself ( not alone, BY MYSELF). Sometimes I feel that I learnt things by myself that can be found in various inspirational, self aid books.

And yet sometimes I feel that I am a girly girl who wants to be pampered and by treated like a queen. And sometimes I am an independent bitch who has bad temper and can do so many great things that people think I'm too bimbo to do.

Maybe it's not sometimes. All that sometimes add together to become who I am.

Just follow your passion

Seriously, when it comes to money, EARNING money, you just have to do what you love and like. People always say "just follow your passion and your money will naturally follow" it's because when you are passionate about something, you will put in ALL your effort! And of course you will do your best by hook or by crook and thus comes the money. And most importantly, YOU ARE HAPPY DOING IT!!

Even though it's not every time that one can totally live by doing his/her passion but it's possible! Think make up, cosmetic, or even BITCHING doesn't make a living?? LOOK AT XIAXUE! look at all the bloggers around you!! They do a blog shop, they get sponsors, they get samples, etc.. That's how you make money even if you are just trying to stay beautiful!!

After screwing my financial position as mentioned in the other posts, it really make me THINK hard AGAIN.. I don't fucking care if I am not a billionaire, I don't fucking care if I don't have a company that has 10 000 people, I don't fucking care if there are people earning more than me... But I tell you something. I AM AND WILL BE HAPPY WITH WHAT I DO. I LIKE WHAT I DO. AND I DO IT WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

Actually that is what led me to start a blog! I see blogs about cosmetics, nails, bitching, anything about the author. And they get sponsors, samples, get sponsored giveaways and some make money out of blogging what they love! Thus i created this blog to put all my hobbies, rant, the life lessons I've learn here! So YOU can read! So YOU can be inspired! So YOU can learn from my experience!! And of cause, so YOU can love reading my blog.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Have you heard of MLM??

Yaaa that's the shit I'm in. I'm not convinced by their method and I still got into it. Everytime I find a loop hole in MLM, i question them and they convince me.. And I question them again and they convince me. It's either that MLM is too flawless or that there are deep dark secrets that are answered only when some smart ass asks them.

So does anybody wants to be in MLM??

I&apos;m in deep shit. Real deep shit.

My parents found out that I used quite a lot of $$ to do smth. And they are asking why why WHY.

And I really don't know what to tell them as I want to keep my shit to myself and i don't want them to be involved in what I'm doing... Because I've involved myself in something that I'm not even convinced at. How am I suppose to convince them??

I think I've lost their trust. And they will control my money now. But maybe it's a REAL lesson learnt now...

Friday, 7 October 2011

Crazy sales anyone??

Does ANYBODY know where and WHEN is there a maybe like warehouse sale/clearance sales for branded nail polishes in SINGAPORE?? eg for OPI china glaze etc. Actually thefaceshop, skinfood polishes is okay for me too. AS LONG AS IT'S cheapER!!

I'm sooooo jealous that in come countries they have crazy sales where they can buy nail polishes like nobody's business without spending lots of money!

Oh! A follower!!

Thank babe!! It motivates me to blog again..

Haven't been bloggin because I'm L. A. Z. Y!! hahaha!!

Anyways, now I'm in this conference!!

FAOBMB conference!!
As a student volunteer (: I get to listen to crazy smart ass professors, Phd ppl, and ya all the smart asses. Haha!
And I listen to them free! Ppl have to pay about $100 for one day and I go in FREE! with FREE FOOD!! ahahah!!

But sadly, I'm coughing BADLY :S
That's y I'm blogging now! Coz I'm coughing so much I dun think I should stay in the theatre so I left the room. XD.

I've been coughing for almost a week already :/ I finished the cough syrup my doctor gave me. AND IM STILL COUGHING!!! -.- idiot..

Anyways, while I'm at the clinic earlier this week I saw smth kinda funny.
The clinic have a promotion for cervical cancer vaccination! Like do they need hit a sales target that's y they have a promotion???? Hahaha!!

As I've said, I won a giveaway!! Look below for the photo!!!

But some products are really cool. Like those lipsticks/gloss/stain or whatever kinda thing. Just that SADLY, the colour doesnt really match me :( but I will make it work. Somehow. And use it. N not waste it.

So that's all for now! I'll maybe post my nails I just did ytd ltr(: