Monday, 9 January 2012

Am I like sick??

Hi all.

As mentioned in a couple of old posts on my blog, I am a choral singer. In march this year, we will be having a concerts with many of our singers singing solo!

So anyways, today after practice, my secondary school mates who are in the same adult choir ( tenors and basses) demonstrated a male chorus song. And that is when I feel really left out.

I suddenly feel that I don't have any good friends to ask for a shopping trip, I don't have good friends to come together to sing a song with me. I suddenly realised that I don't like p hang out with anybody. I don't like to go for dinners with my friends, I don't like to chit chat and talk about anything under the sun to anybody. For this upcoming concert, it is really about the passion of a singer for their own singing. It's really about the PASSION!! And I have this "I don't care" mentality !!

Seriously. This isn't NORMAL!! How can I not be passionate about anything?!!!

I think I am psychologically sick.

And seriously. I know that in the past, I used to be very cheerful and happy everyday. And now?!!!

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