Thursday, 19 January 2012

lunar new year!

hi there!!

its been a very long time since i came back to blogger.. miss me? hahaha!!

anyways, the lunar/chinese new year is round the corner!!
get ready to meet up with relatives, collect red packets and eat some awesome goodies!

so anyways, i am doing my internship now, in Defence Science Organisation, Defence Environmental Medical Research Institute! and today DSO had a chinese new year (CNY) celebration! so it is a day off for me! i only went for their celebration in University Cultural Centre in National University Singapore in the morning and came back to DSO HQ to have a buffet lunch and lao yu sheng session!

during the lao yu sheng session, i think because the host isnt a chinese, he went going on and on like "TAKE YOUR CHOPSTICKS! IF NOT YOUR NEW YEAR WILL NOT BE PROSPEROUS" "DONT START YET! IF NOT ... ... " When i heard what he said i felt kinds !@)#$(#@*%@#($#!) because its sorta cursing us that we will have bad luck in the new year, etc if we do not grab our chopsticks, if we do not start at the same time, if we start pouring out ingredients first.

but oh wells.! haha!

anyways, my nails are ready for CNY! i painted OPI nicki minaj's pink friday on 3 of my fingers and fly on the other two on each hand. i am still thinking what kind of decoration i should put above the two gorgeous colours. no inspiration YET>. <

oh oh oh !!
when i was using my OPI, i discovered that the high end nail polishes like OPI have a drastic difference compared to the normal korean nail polishes that i usually use that cost $3. when i applied my OPI on my finger, there is a obvious difference in quality! so ya.. next time BUT THE EXPENSIVE STUFF ! DO NOT BUY THE CHEAP STUFF!!!


so ya. that;s all for this post! i need to fill up my log book and complete my assignment that i owe.

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