Saturday, 28 January 2012

delayed post - new year resolutions

hi there!

i realised that i havent been blogging as often right now.. *oppps* but that is because i havent been using my laptop often! i know there are those blogger apps on the iphone etc, but i still prefer to do things on the laptop. my phone is for my social sites like twitter, facebook whatsapp etc!

as mentioned in the title of this post, i want to do a new year resolutions post!
yayaya.. i know its like the end of January. but its better late than never! right?? hahah! the reason to why i want to do this post is because i havent been doing much real work recently, and all i do was just watch tv, eat, sleep, go work. and done! and because i havent been like doing much, i reflect a lot.. especially after the lunar new year.. i will talk about the lunar year year stuff later.

so anyways new year resolutions:

  1. maintain my weight of 47 kg! .. k actually i am considered very light for my height. which is 167cm. if i am not wrong i am still considered under weight. XD but the reason why i want to maintain my weight is because for a girl it is sorta important to stay good looking! and i was lying on the sofa watching television yesterday, and my mum said, " you seemed to have gained some weight, you looked fatter now" i was like WTF??!! NO WAYYYYYY!!! ... so ya... i WANT to maintain my weight~!!
  2. save $4000 in cash this year! either by working part time, saving up from pocket money WHATEVER!!. i want this $4000 because i want to go for an overseas trip, a choir exchange to japan with the choir i am in! and i refuse to touch on my savings! my savings are for my university education! so ya.. i shall save up!! i guess it is kinda hard to acheive that if i dont have a job.. .... zzzzzz zzzzz i shall try.!
  3. get a boyfriend! haha! a few post ago i was posting about BRG and now i am saying that i wanna have a boyfriend. haha!  in addition, the feng shui guy that was on tv during the cny celebration did say that the rooster have quite a good year this year, in work, financial, romance. Check out this great MSN video - Rooster (Chinese Zodiac) the feng shui guy said that if single, join some social events and get opportunties there, if attached, BEWARE of third party entering your relationship, it is kinda dumb and contradicting but i think it is time for me to get into a relationship.. XDXD ALSO, during this cny, a few of my relatives asked if i have a boyfriend. =.= in that situation ( in cny) i kept thinking, WTF do i look that old to be in a relationship and preparing to get married??! hahah! but it is somewhat important to be in a relationship, in my opinion. haha! i guess that if you arent in a relationship when you are around 20 years old, it is very difficult to be in a relationship after that. hahah! take my co-supervisor at my attachment site for example. he is 27 this year and he just broke up with his girlfriend due to religious issues last year. and being single at 27 in singapore is like "OMG!! you wont get married!" because everybody in singapore gets married at that age!! at that age its either that you are already in a relationship, or married! if you are single at 27, means... ... you have a high chance of remaining single for the rest of your life.. oh!! speaking of my co-supervisor, i am reminded of something that my partner said. and i think it is damn funny... well, i always , unknowingly bicker with my co-supervisor and my partner just said directly "i cant stand you two man! you two always bicker! yall should get married." like LOL!!! but i have to agree, i bicker with my co-supervisor like we are old married couples who are married for 20 years. hahah!! but too bad!!! i think my co-supervisor is too old for me!! i am born in 1993, whereas he is born in 1985 it is 8 years difference in our age!! too big! too big!! i guess i will only get into a relationship with a guy who is like 3 years older than me!? anything older than that i will treat him as a good older brother that i look up to... ... and speaking of older brothers, i find that my friends who are born in 1985, the mens, are surprisingly attractive to me! i dont know why, maybe their maturity ... .. but i have a couple of male friends who are born in 1985 and i find them attractive.. haha! if the whole world is dead and there is only my male friends born in 1985, i dont mind spending the rest of my life with them. haha!! 
  4.  plan each day wisely!  as i was inspired by a paragraph i read.. and if i i am not wrong it was also mentioned in one of the motivational courses i went in the past years. imagine there is a bank account that credits your account each mornign with $86,400. it carries over no balance from day to day. every evening the bank deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day. what would you do? draw out every cent, of course? each of us has such a bank. its name is time. everymorning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. every night it writes off as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to a good purpose. it carries over no balance. it allows no over draft. each day it opens a new account for you. each night it burns the remains of the day. if you fail to use the day's deposits, the loss is yours. there is no drawing against "tomorrow". you must live in the present on today's deposits. invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness and success. the clock is running. make the most of today. so ya.. i will make each day meaningful! and i will start by planning for each day early in the morning! haha! this is the reason why i drew my 2012 planner all by myself in a notebook! so i can have a monthly section which allows me to visualise what i have for the month and i have a weekly section which provides me with enough space to write my daily goals! and i used to do daily goals, and daily to-dos during the exam period and it seem to work so i shall do it for the whole of 2012, and make my life meaningful and well spent! 

so ya! thats it! 4 goals for this year! k actually there should be more, but i feel that i have spent way too much time typing this post.. if i am not wrong i have spent more than a hour typing this and i shall stop.. it is 3.40pm already... ... haha!! so thats all for now.. i may post a new year's resolution part two if i am on my laptop.. BYE!

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