Saturday, 14 April 2012


hi there

as mentioned in one of my earlier posts, i shop at for my nail polishes. and i also want to get my make up from there!


i need a blusher and/or bronzer as mentioned on my twitter sometimes, if you follow me :X

so what blush or bronzer should i get?//

i also realised from smoochiezz, you regular $1 elf products from the states are sold at $4 SGD in smoochiezz. i  guess the price is still OKAYYYYY ;/ considering the fact that we have to import products to singapore. even you regular faceshop or skinfood products from korea are overpriced in singapore. so my friends usually go to korea for a trip and buy a years' worth of faceshop or skinfood or tony molly products buying straight from korea is really much much  cheaper than buying them in singapore.. i would say the price are approximately 2 to 10 times the price here in singapore than in korea. hhaha!!

well, life sucks to be living in a high cost of living county and a country that have limited local produce.. i just have to admit to the fact that i have to pay more to look and feel good :/ hahaha!!!

i am not paid to advertise anything in this post. the above are all my personal opinions.

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