Sunday, 3 June 2012


hello folks!

as mentioned in the previous post, I suddenly have a increase in blog hits. and i dont care. i am going to assume as they are readers. hahaha!! 

so to keep my blog alive. i am posting again!! hahaha! 

i shall go back to talking about my hobby. nail art. 

recently OPI has released its SPIDERMAN collection!! who says that spiderman wasnt invited to Avengers?? 

he was not in Avengers because he will be featured in his own movie! hahah! marvel must have thought about not giving Spiderman too much limelight. hahah! 

so anyways, if you just google spiderman opi you can see the opi series or you can just go to the opi site. but honestly i do not like going to the opi site. i prefer googling it to look at swatches by bloggers :) hurray to bloggers! 

anyways, i LOVE the colours! ESPECIALLY the polish called JUST SPOTTED THE LIZARD! SHATTER THE SCALES ( the shatter polish in this collection)  also looks nice~
just FYI JUST SPOTTED THE LIZARD is the swatch on the top right hand corner. it is such an interesting colour! dont you agree??? hahah! 

so ya.. i absolutely LOVE just spotted the lizard, it is literally LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!! however, the person who i always buy from do not have the full size bottle YET. as mentioned in my previous posts, i buy my nail polishes from either scape orchard road or smoochiezz. and they claim that they have the licence so ya.. i buy from them. :) buying from them is much much cheaper that if you buy from retail. but do not expect quality service and quality handling of the products. some of the old old polishes they have had already settled down and you can see the layers of the different chemicals? in the polish..... .... so ya.. choose wisely! hahaha! 

 i have a photo of my friend's nails in some of the spiderman series polish maybe i will post them in the next few posts:) it is in my phone and i am too lazy to get it from my phone to blogger. hahah!! 

so yup! thats the end of this post. :)

please comment if you prefer posts like this about recommendation of a product or you prefer posts like my previous two posts, my opinion on an issue that is on going. :) 

disclaimer: i am not paid to promote any product or services. photos are from google. 

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