Monday, 2 April 2012

my first movie review!!

hello !!

its been AGES since i blogged.
AND its also AGES since i watch a movie!!

last thursday i finally watched a movie!!


and may the odds be ever in your favour.

why did i watch the hunger games?
coz i dont know! there is nothing to watch? some of my friends says that john carter isnt worth to watch, some even slept in the theatres, lorax is a cartoon =.= .. warth of the titians isnt just my type.
so we ended up watching the HUNGER GAMES.

my supervisor at work says that its a classic story line, just like battle royalle. :/ hummmm.. but i didnt watcg battle royalle. oh wells. ahah!!

okayy.. i am not going to talk about the HUNGER GAMES's plot, you can read it from wikipedia. which is what i did. right before the movies =.=

i will definitely recommend all of my friends to watch it. maybe not because of the story line, but because it is an emotional roller coster! haha! i swear my emotions were all over the place when i watched it. sometimes touched, scared, nervous, etc etc.
i absolutely love the part where 

this lady volunteered herself in place of her younger sister to take part in the HUNGER GAMES! it was very emotional for me. i couldnt put myself into her shoes. i was so touched that she put her life at risk to save her sister's... ... i have a younger sister myself, if my younger sister were to be called for hunger games, i dont know if i could do the same as her. i dont think i would have the guts to stand up and save my sister and put my life at risk.
that part was the most emotional part of the whole movie, for me. i cried. haahha!!

so anyways, my ratings for this movie

plot: 3.5/5
photography: 2.5/5 . i didnt like how the film was taken. the camera zoomed to the actors' and actresses' face and the cameraman wasnt steady so i watched the film until i was dizzy. i mean u are staring at the actress's face but you cant see clearly because the cameraman kept moving. so i didnt liked it.:/
worth the watch? absolutely!
recommend friends to watch? DUHHHH

okayyy.. not only is the movie worth the watch, the china glaze collection for the hunger games is relatively popular too!

i really want the Luxe and Lush from this series! its some irregular gold flakes!... ... okayyy i want it so badly because i dont have a nail polish that is irregular in shaped. i have all the glitter stuff but not the flakes. if you get what i mean... ...

so i went online, went to orchard flee at scape, and THEY WERE ALL SOLD OUT!!! #()$!(%(#!)!#_$!#($*(
the next batch of stocks only come in after 3 weeks. so i have to wait!! zzzzzzz

oh! since i am talking about buying nail polish, this are the places i will buy my nail polish from:
this is a online shop, sometimes they will have fleas all around singapore. they even have a gmarket account! so you can buy stuff from this site and ship it to your place!
this online shop sells nail polish, make up, some tote bags. check it out!

another place is orchard flea at scape. there is always this booth of nail polish.. .. and they are permamently there. thursday to sunday.

so if you are interested in getting nail polishes that are cheaper than retail price from ie: tangs, BHG, sephora etc etc you can check it out at those two places! you cant get services like in the retail shops but you can get your authentic polishes at almost half the retail price!!

so ya.. i shall end my post because i need to work! hahaha!!

i am not paid to advertise any thing in this post. this post is based on my own opinion.

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