Friday, 6 April 2012

lip tip

hello there!

recently, i have been addicted to treating myself well and making myself look and feel good. been putting up make up almost everyday to work, putting lots of lotion/creams and DRESSING UPPPPPPPP!!!!
seriously the sky is falling.

me being a science student used to not care at all about my personal appearance. XD like really not care at all. i can just grab a t-shirt and match it with shorts and sneakers. a 5 minutes preparation. XD

so anyways i have been treating myself better. and i hopped upon this site
i spent the whole of yesterday reading that site that i forgot to alight from the trains twice :S
and i tried out one of their tips.
which is to brush your lips when you brush your teeth.

i just tried it this morning and my lips feels AMAZING.
so you should try it too!!

love ya~

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