Saturday, 10 March 2012

FUTURE again

omg.. seriously, the more i research about my future education, the more depressed i get!
i mean seriously!

i have been reading various forums, comments etc about people still not getting into a university even though their GPA is still considered OKAYY.. like around 3.5, 3.4 etc. like OMG! then what about me??!!! i want to cry~!!! ... ... and the university considers your Olevels results! what if they look at my O level results and reject me?!!! WTF... .... ... ... haixxx... ..

Wednesday, 7 March 2012



its been quite a while since i've blogged.
i am blogging now because i was researching regarding my future! my post diploma path.
i was searching through google and i found out that to get to NTU biological sciences is relatively quite easy, looking at the cut off point 2-3 years ago. XDXD however, i also found out that NTU has such a thing called the QET, so the university can make sure that everyone in the school can speak proper english. and those that are required to take the QET have suck english grades for the A levels or Olevels which i am. :S

like wtf. i thought i can get rid of english for the rest of my life! i mean i can use proper english but i can write narrative, can do comprehension. lmao. if i cant use english properly to an extent, you cant understand a single shit i am typing right now.

well, sucks to be me!

so i added TO-DO-LIST!

  • buck up my english!
and i also found out that NTU biological sciences have modules that sounds VERY similar to what i am doing in my course right now, biotechnology. :) 

so i guess i will go for NTU's open house this weekend :) and find out more. 
see u at NTU's open house!