Wednesday, 3 August 2016



I have officially graduated from my University and have officially obtained my degree on the 1st of August!

However, because I have done internship instead of Final Year Project, I officially completed my degree on a later date than those whom have done FYP. Resulting in my degree certificate to not be ready for collection during my convocation and I was emailed today (2 days after my convocation) that my certificate is ready for collection. Thanks NTU, whats the purpose of convocation when I can't get all the relevant certificates on that day and that I needed to make an extra trip down to collect it. 

But anyhow, the lame-ness of the issue is not the purpose of this post.

While I made the extra trip down to school to collect my certificate, it hit me that I have worked so hard in the past 3 years for this piece of paper I am holding. A piece of paper.

There are definitely memories, photos, friendships, good times, bad times and last but not least the piece of paper.

At that moment, I am like WOW this is the end huh. The end of the legendary paper chase.

-end of random reflection-