Saturday, 25 February 2012


i really like dresses, however, i dont know what kind of dresses fits my body shape~
whenever i am shpping and i see a cute dress, they look horrible on me! coz i dont have a perfect body!! :/
not that i will go for plastic surgery or anything just to make myself fit int the clothes i like :X

but you knw, it is disappointing when you see something you like and u look horrible in it.. :S
maybe i should go for some fashion crash course or smth to know what type f clothes fits which body type. hahah!!

okayyy.. that first two paragraph was a little bit random. but i really have nothing to blog about.
nothing much happened, i was just wrking and ya. nothing much.!

ohhoh~ !! i went to my friend';s 21st birthday party yesterday~ a simple party with her friends. :)
the party was "SUPPOSED" to start at 7. but at 7, only a handful of people reached! i guess you are SUPPOSED to come late for such events??? ...XDXD i only reached the chalet at 8? around there hahaha! and the cake cutting session was delayed till 10.15pm around there. after the cake cutting it was about 11pm.. .. and there! i began to worry if i can take the last MRT back home. But luckily, i managed to board the LAST train back!!!!!! :DDDDDD came home showered, and it was 1pm.. hahaha!!

woke up today with a totally pissed off mood, as if i banged my head against the wall :X and i swear i didnt drink any alchol! i guess it is because of my sudden change of sleep timing. XD and i just PMS the whole morning hahahahaha!!!

anyways, Wild Empire;s upcming concert is just over a week away!! i am so excited!!

k i shall stp babbling nonsense.. i just came to, and just rant my way through this whle post. hahaha!!


my "O" key is spoilt, i need to bang it hard in order to type the letter "O" thus u see in my whole post i have quite a handful of missing "O"s.. bahahahah!

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