Tuesday, 20 December 2011

singapore transport system

i forgot to mention about this in my previous post.

anyways, singapore's biggest transport company had a "hiccup" a couple of stations had their power supply cut off due to whatever reason.
and this news affected hundreds of thousands of people in singapore as singapore's MRT is our MAIN form of transport. and this news was spread all over the world. my friends who went to taiwan for i dont know what, said that it was in their headlines.

so ya... ...

singapore's transport system screwed up for a couple of days.
their stock price went down.
singaporean;s trust to that company decreased.
but we have no choice.
we still have to take the MRT as taxis surcharge increased.
public transport is getting more expensive.
maybe i should drive.

let's hope that this incident only happens once in a blue moon. :D
so far in my life this is the greatest hiccup that SMRT had. so i think it can be considered rare??..

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