Friday, 9 December 2011

I don't understand.

I don't understand about blogging.. It's not rocket science you know. It's not like ANYONE can over think about blogging. Okayyy it's actually possible to over think it. Like how one of my classmates totally over thinked and over imagined about how crackled nail polish works.

I don't get it! Why did I lose 2 followers?? And one of the two followers is the ONLY commenter of my blog. -.-
I have a sad blog right... ...

I don't get it! Must I organise a giveaway and force people to follow me via GFC and on twitter??

That way of obtaining followers so u can have high blog hits and so you can get sponsors is just BULLSHIT!!

Like hello! This is my blog! And I am QUESTIONMARKYEE ! My life's a questionmark! I have so many interests, so many things I like! I cat restrict to eg: nail polish. And FYI, nail polish + nail polish removers causes cancer! Unless one smart ass formulated a nail polish that doesn't use ACETONE and still sell it at dirt cheap price then nail polish application can be don't everyday.!

In addition, I am a SCIENCE STUDENT!! The real people who are CRAZYY about science are just weird! Like honestly WEIRD! So expect my style of blogging to be DIFFERENT!

Even though I really want to get followers to get sponsorships, I don't care now. Follow me if YOU WANT TO READ MY BLOG.
Blog hits/ blog counts?? Screw that!!! :PPPP isit better if NOBODY VISITS ME!! I can say EVERYTHING I WANT without anybody knowing, anybody reading.

So to all the bitches out there who came here and didn't read my blog and didn't follow me, GET LOST!

Seriously. Fuck of bitches, I am on my road to success to get the cure for cancer YOU NEED. And at that time u will pay me big money. :PPPPP

I am totally awesome.


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