Saturday, 24 December 2011

guilty as charged.

hey there!

tomorrow is CHRISTMAS!!!

will be carolling for two gigs tml.
one is at 12.30 and another at 7,00pm. and the reporting time is 8am and 5pm..

8am?!!! like crazy!! i usually wake up at 11am ! now you are asking me to wake up at 6 am in order to reach at 8am?!! siao!

so anyways, my auntie had extra bonus this year!
she whatsapp me asking what i want for christmas. and i said i wanted the new nicki minaj OPI collection!

AND SHE REALLY GOT IT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LIKE omg!

she got for me the muppets mini collection too!

so its 8 mini bottles of OPI polishes!... ...

i told my mum that my auntie got 8 polishes for me. and she sort-a scolded me.
because i got my sister's classmate who is a korean girl to get like $10 worth of korea nail polish for me from korea itself! and korea nail polish can go as cheap as 1000won per bottle! its slightly over a dollar singapore money. so its damn cheap!
i will be receiving approximately 10 bottles of korean nail polish and my 8 mini OPI polishes!!

so its about 20 nail polishes at a go!!!

my mum went like "why do you want to many nail polishes?!" 

seriously. this polish addiction is getting greater and greater!
i MUST ban myself from purchasing ANY polishes from now till i used up most of them!

i dont mind receiving free samples or free polishes from anybody obviously!
but buying them myself is a big NO NO!

i will show you my new polishes once i received them!! the korean ones and the OPI! :DDDD

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