Tuesday, 27 December 2011


this post is going to be a RANT-post!

its about giveaways.

i was participating in giveaways. some giveaways. and i do this very seldom because it is very time consuming to participate in a BLOG giveaway unlike a TUMBLR giveaway where tumblr is just a click of a botton. eg: reblog/ like.

but for blog giveaways, its VERY TEDIOUS! you need to follow the person via GFC, follow on twitter, like the facebook page, tweet about it, blog about it, add on blog roll, yadayadayada.

it is kinda irritating.!

and the probability of wining a giveaway is SUPER SMALL!!
take for example, a giveaway have 200 participants on average. so your probability of wining the giveaway is 0.5%!!! like WHUTTT~~~..

and the most annoying thing is that some hosts do not send out the prizes to the winners! i was blog hopping and i read a blogger's rant that she didnt receive the prizes. zzzzzz and she is crazy enough to participate in >20 giveaways a day!!

i know that winning the giveaway means having free products, but is it worth it? to spend HOURS on your laptop to win a S$ 50 worth of nail polish or cosmetics??
i believe that having a JOB, earns more than that and allows you to BUY the products yourself.

and i strongly believe that you do not use some of the prizes.
i have won ONE giveaway before and i know. the prize contains LOTS of products and half of them i have NEVER seen in my life! so how the hell am i suppose to use it???
its a waste of products and IT IS KILLING THE EARTH!

while participating in a giveaway just now, i saw a poll made by the host.
its asking how many giveaways one participates a day.

or >20??
and there ARE people who participates over 20 giveaways a day!!
its just insane!
seriously. i rather work online (i dont know how) and use MY money to buy something that i like!!

seriously people.

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