Thursday, 29 December 2011


hi all!

i am starting to get addicted to cosmetics!!
ESPECIALLY and the 3 consecutive days of carolling! 
where i am obligated to put on some makeup for performance.

during the carolling days, i put on some foundation, some brown eyeshadow, some gold eyeshadow, blusher and a RED nyx lip cream. 

my lip cream stands out a lot :D hahah!!
before carolling, i was youtube-ing on how to put on blusher!! because i really do not know to how put make up :/ but after youtube-ing i know how!!!haha!!  i am so proud of myself!!

in addition, i learnt that my face is kinda heart shaped. 
i also learnt that my lips arent symmetrical.. :X so using the red lipstick needs to be put on with skill! 

so ya.. after the carolling sessions, i stopped putting on makeup. after a few days ( now) it really feels weird. 
it feels as though my face isnt glowing. it feels that i looked like a ghost! it feels that i am just another boring singaporean who is too lazy to make myself look good! 
and i mean it. singaporeans do not put make up most of the time. those who do are the pretty ones. hahaha!! 

so i have decided! 
after my attachment, i will use about $100 of my allowance and buy my makeup!!! :DDD 

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