Tuesday, 20 December 2011

random post again!

hello there!

so sorry for not blogging for more than a week :(
its my school holidays now. and i have completed all my assignments. its just preparation of my attachment right now. :D so excited!

let me just say a short story about my attachment/internship and why am i so excited about it.

firstly, i will be attached to a local defence organisation. and it being a DEFENCE organisation, a lot of things a PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL.. (i think). so far i dont have a lot of information about the organisation, about what i will be doing during my attachment. BUT THAT IS WHY IT IS EXCITING!!! its just going to be a surprise when i start work on the 3 jan. :DDD


like ive said, its a DEFENCE organisation, so it means that i cant bring any devices for photography. this means NO IPHONE!!! i dont know how am i going to survive without a iphone. it will be a good experience for me. (hopefully)

so ya. i am excited for my attachment.
k and i dont know what else to talk about. thats why i havent been blogging. BECAUSE NOTHING IS HAPPENING TO ME!!!!!

k i shall talk about the weather today. (for real. i am not joking. i am going to talk about the weather!!)


k . today. its been raining NON STOP! its been raining everyday since last week if i am not wrong. seriously, singapore's weather is CRAZY..i dont know where the hell all that water come from! and luckily there isnt any floods anywhere in singapore. not in orchard road, not in bukit timah. NO FLOODS!
so ya..
its been raining a lot.
and i kinda miss the sun :(
i miss its warmth.

the sun isnt showing up as often. my laundry arent drying quickly, the weather is cold. (i believe its 26 degree celcius. which is quite cold for singapore. anyways that number is just a guess haha! )
AND! the windows are closed everytime! so the same damn air in the flat stays in the flat!

i was painting my nails earlier today and the acetone smell stayed in the room i was in!!
and i told myself i must not harm my family members. because i believe that acetone causes cancer. ( i am not sure if it is proven. maybe i shall check it) so i opened the windows even though the rain is coming in and the wind is SUPER cold. but its for everybody's health :)

maybe i should post up my nails soon. i did a christmas thingy on my nails!! with gingerbread man and a christmas tree! :DDDDD

so ya.. that 's it .. i really have nothing much to crap about. because I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING!! nothing exciting happened! so nothing to blog about. hahaha!!!


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