Friday, 30 December 2011

men and women

ta da! 

i started this post with a VIDEOOOO!!
i was blog hopping the other day and i came to Joel's blog 

in one of his blog posts, he mentioned his ideal woman / the girl of his dreams 

i mean its PERFECTLY normal for ANYONE to dream of his/her perfect other half. and everytime someone DREAMS of that, i will burst his/her bubble saying " you want your dream other half. and that person whom you like is looking for his/her dream other half too" 

so ya... ... everybody just find yourself a ROBOT. with the body size you want, the skin colour, voice, physical appearance. skills etc!

i can say that i am a love expert, but i think that your other half should start of from being FRIENDS that you are really close to, that you can speak to, that understands you well, that matches your personality. 
i dont think you should get the other half because it fits the physical characteristics you want. it should be someone you can relate to and talk to. physical appearance is a bonus! people can just go for surgery and look like the girls from SNSD! 

get the joke from the picture above?? haha! its trying to say jessica from SNSD had her make up done till she look so flawless and perfect, almost too FAKE.. ..

so ya..
just make friends! when you feel super comfortable with your friend of the other gender thn start going out with him/ her!! i know that you may destroy the friendship but if you two can really get well together then it wont be a problem! haah!!

i feel that it is okay to be living alone, single, die as a virgin etc. but i dont find it okay to not have anybody at my funeral! haha! i dont care! all readers! if you are reading this, please come to my funeral if i die!!

i dont know. i may die 5 minutes later, one hour later, in 2012, in 2100?

life is unpredictable.


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