Tuesday, 6 December 2011

k pop!!!! -hyuna

hey there!!!

i am now going to blog about an awesome new song that i am addicted to!!!!!


i swear hyuna( the girl in the MV) is damn bloody hot!!! (Y)!!
and the guy is also very good looking!!! and he's tall!!! hyuna is in her crazy high heels and he is still much taller than her!!!

this is a video of them in MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Award)
which i dont understand why isit called ASIAN when they speak in korean in the award show and only koreans win awards. but nevermind about that!

hyuna is still damn hot!!!

this is hyuna's own song!! which is damn awesome !!! she won some award regarding her dance in bubble pop in MAMA, and when she won it i was like "WHUTTT she won the award by shaking her butt?!" hahah!

so there you have it! the awesome hyuna!!!!
she is awesome!!

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