Sunday, 11 December 2011


hi world!

my exams have ended. on thurday.
but it isnt holidays for me YET :( i have TONNES of assignments left to do!!!


  1. one technical review ( 10 pages)
  2. one mini project report ( 8 pages)
  3. one datasheet
  4. one Problem Based Learning question for my biostatistics class.

and the best thing is that my group mateS are flying off on sunday. fly off back to china, fly off to malaysia to play. =.=

i swear i will make an expensive phone call to china and malaysia scolding them if they complete crap for their section of their work. its only me and another group mate left in singapore to complete this huge project. and all those above are due on friday! 16 dec.! WTF! 

i am so worried that my groupmates that is flying off giving crap work because she has done it before! 
no names mentioned. but in the previous semester, we had out holidays before the examinations ( the school system is jsut screwed) so during the 3 week holidays, she flew off back to china. and once again, we have tonnes of work to complete. that time, she really gave crap!! 

really. its crap!! 

she gave her section of the report where she DID NOT do in text citation. she DID NOT do end of text citation ( for the reference section ) and she DID NOT paraphase from her sites. WTF. she literally copied and pasted. that crap we CANNOT SUBMIT! without intext citation, no proper end text citation, NO PARAPHASING?!!!! 
seriously she can go and die. 

i cant search to see which cite she used for which paragraph, i can paraphase for her. its seriously clearing up shit of someone else's....

so in the end, i RE-DO her WHOLE entire section. which makes me want to die. seriously... 

and if she does that again this time, i swear i will call her, i swear i will tell the lecturers. 

and for my final year project next year, i DO NOT want to be in the same group as her. as she does not give constructive suggestions, she does not give proper contributions, she do not even plan her schedule or prioritise her work properly. ( even during exam week, she can still be going to watch movies, watch dramas online) like seriously???! why am i suffering hell here??! 

i dont get it! why must she fly home almost IMMEDIATELY when the holidays start.?!! doesnt she know that WE HAVE ASSIGNMENTS TO DO?!!! i mean she can totally screw her GPA, but she shall NEVER screw up mine. and because her weak understanding in english and her weak foundation in english, she cant do presentation properly, she can converse in english properly, she can even understand the english that the lecturers used! how the hell does she even understand what the lecturers are talking about in class!???? 

like a bitch yo! 

seriously i can continue for the whole day if i want to. 
but i have assignments to perfect. so bye!!  

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