Friday, 2 December 2011

before my mid semestral test post

hi there!

shall spend some times blogging before my mid semestral test starts ( the coming mondy :/).

actually there is no agenda to this blog post. i just feel like ranting, blogging, doing something before i start my revision hell. :/
christmas is coming!! so excited! i want to go shopping!!! and i read in today's (2/12/2011) urban, and it says that there are personal shoppers in some stores! i was really amazed that in singapore, there is such a thing called personal shopper. in the article, it mentioned that in one particular store, the personal shopper is a 71 year old lady who have 50 years experience in fashion!!! its really fascinating that the personal shopper is 71 years old! i think that is the age of my grandmother... .. according to the critics, the advices and the service provided by her is great. so you cant judge one by her age!!

seriously this world is crazy. haha!

now i shall blog about something that is happening to me, in school.

we have this biostatistic test and it was really a tough paper, because there are about 5 topics? and they are all covered within two weeks! okay. i think it can be considered reasonable as i have 8 hours of lessons (lectures and tutorials) for this module. but its ridiculous when you need to take a test that has a 40% weightage on the module when u just learnt that topics!
so anyways, the test was tough. and one of my classmate broke down after the paper. :( and as a class rep, and a person with compassion, i showed care to her even though i wasnt exactly her good friend. we are just normal friends, normal classmates. but i really feel for her. she wasnt coping well with her studies bexause she wasnt coming to school often due to whatever reason she have, so she didnt attend some lectures and didnt understand many topics.
but at the same time, i could really help her in her academics. i am struggling to achieve good grades myself! :( so i really didnt know what to do at that time when she broke down. i couldnt say "its okay" because it ISNT okay! you screw this test and there goes your B! and i couldnt say "you need help just ask me" because i suck in my studies as well!
so i didnt know what to do, i just patted her and gave her a packet of tissue that i took from another classmate of mine. (hahah!)

but seriously, when i am down, i dont need a lot, i dont want people to say "stop crying"/"dont cry". i just need to know that i have friends, i just need a hug, i just need someone to just hold my hands and grab it firmly so i know that i have friends with me; around me. 

hahaha! this is because i cry a lot. :( in class.:( and i know when i am down, i wished that my friends know what i am feeling and what i hope that they will do. ahah!

so that's tips to console a crying girl!

and there you have it! a blog post! hahha
i know i am awesome! hahah!

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