Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pie. Fruit pie.

Okayyyy dumb title. But WHATEVER!!! hahaah!!

Anyways, these photos are from weeks ago. XD. I have decided to post them to fill my blog with more photos than words.

Anyways, this fruit pie is Frm my mother's friend. She bought it at takashimya/Ngee Ann city, Singapore.

And honestly speaking, I wasn't very impressed with the pie. I feel that it tastes normal... I think it is also because of the fruits used.. Well, that's life in Singapore. We don't get fresh fruits from the trees. We only get imported fruits from other countries. So by the time the fruits hits the supermarkets, they are a few days old I assume?? And the fruits uses in the pie are berries!! We can't grow berries here in Singapore or even in our neighbours like Malaysia! We are just too hot here!!! So maybe that's what made the pie unimpressive... They should make a durian pie. And it will be HEAVENLY.. hahaha!!

Even though the taste isnt that fantastic, I think it will make a great gift.. Considering that you don't see such big pies often in Singapore.. And it LOOKS expensive. Hahah!!

The pie was really BIGGG but I didn't take a picture of the whole pie. Because when I reached home from work to eat it, 3/5 of it is gone.-.-

So there!! The photos of the pies..!!!! (:

Disclaimer: I am not making any money by promoting this pie.

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