Sunday, 16 October 2011

Fail nail art??

Hi! Like I've said, I will start to post up my overdue photos!!

Tada!! My nails during the FAOBMB conference. My first time doing this design. And I don't know what to call it.. It's kinda failed because of the quality of polish and the control of the brush. I was totally SHIVERING while painting this.. :/ I think I need more practice. And the polish I used are the faceshop polishes. And I think the faceshop polishes tend to screw itself up when u used about half a bottle... It become all dry, disgusting, molten-ey kinda thing which is very hard to use to do designs. And I didn't use any special brushes to do this design. I just used the brush for the polish.

Maybe I will do this design again. With better polishes. Hahaah!!

But really... If you see it from far it doesn't look that crappy. Haahahaha!!

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