Friday, 7 October 2011

Oh! A follower!!

Thank babe!! It motivates me to blog again..

Haven't been bloggin because I'm L. A. Z. Y!! hahaha!!

Anyways, now I'm in this conference!!

FAOBMB conference!!
As a student volunteer (: I get to listen to crazy smart ass professors, Phd ppl, and ya all the smart asses. Haha!
And I listen to them free! Ppl have to pay about $100 for one day and I go in FREE! with FREE FOOD!! ahahah!!

But sadly, I'm coughing BADLY :S
That's y I'm blogging now! Coz I'm coughing so much I dun think I should stay in the theatre so I left the room. XD.

I've been coughing for almost a week already :/ I finished the cough syrup my doctor gave me. AND IM STILL COUGHING!!! -.- idiot..

Anyways, while I'm at the clinic earlier this week I saw smth kinda funny.
The clinic have a promotion for cervical cancer vaccination! Like do they need hit a sales target that's y they have a promotion???? Hahaha!!

As I've said, I won a giveaway!! Look below for the photo!!!

But some products are really cool. Like those lipsticks/gloss/stain or whatever kinda thing. Just that SADLY, the colour doesnt really match me :( but I will make it work. Somehow. And use it. N not waste it.

So that's all for now! I'll maybe post my nails I just did ytd ltr(:

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