Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Just follow your passion

Seriously, when it comes to money, EARNING money, you just have to do what you love and like. People always say "just follow your passion and your money will naturally follow" it's because when you are passionate about something, you will put in ALL your effort! And of course you will do your best by hook or by crook and thus comes the money. And most importantly, YOU ARE HAPPY DOING IT!!

Even though it's not every time that one can totally live by doing his/her passion but it's possible! Think make up, cosmetic, or even BITCHING doesn't make a living?? LOOK AT XIAXUE! look at all the bloggers around you!! They do a blog shop, they get sponsors, they get samples, etc.. That's how you make money even if you are just trying to stay beautiful!!

After screwing my financial position as mentioned in the other posts, it really make me THINK hard AGAIN.. I don't fucking care if I am not a billionaire, I don't fucking care if I don't have a company that has 10 000 people, I don't fucking care if there are people earning more than me... But I tell you something. I AM AND WILL BE HAPPY WITH WHAT I DO. I LIKE WHAT I DO. AND I DO IT WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

Actually that is what led me to start a blog! I see blogs about cosmetics, nails, bitching, anything about the author. And they get sponsors, samples, get sponsored giveaways and some make money out of blogging what they love! Thus i created this blog to put all my hobbies, rant, the life lessons I've learn here! So YOU can read! So YOU can be inspired! So YOU can learn from my experience!! And of cause, so YOU can love reading my blog.

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