Monday, 24 October 2011

nail cuticle?

hello! i am blogging with my laptop!!! omg!! in addition, my school term has started, so i really dont think i should be blogging but oh well! temptations! hahah!! anyways, i was blog hopping and i found

makeup and beauty review 's blog!

and the blogger was blogging about cuticles in one of her older posts. and while reading the post, i was like:

"HUH??? what the crap is a cuticle???! i heard about it but what is it actually???"

so this blogger has a really good diagram ( see below)

and i think it is a really good diagram!!

but i still dont know the importance and ANYTHING about cuticles. hahaha!! i THINK it is some where in her post, but I WAS SUPPOSE TO DO SOME RESEARCH FOR MY SCHOOL ASSIGNMENT. no time to read! need to finish up my assignment ASAP!!
so i have decided to blog about it to :

1) remind me to find out about cuticles
2) tell you to find out about cuticles!

 so yaaa... nail cuticles? cuticles??

maybe when i am free i will find out about it and maybe blog about it!


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