Saturday, 9 July 2016

Hi everyone!

I thought I would write something different today.
While waiting for potential employers to contact me, I have been reading quite a bit, watching quite a bit of drama and stuff. And I have a webtoon that I would like to recommend my readers to read!

The webtoon is... ...


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I have been reading this webtoon via the WEBTOON app.

The app is free on app store and google play. ^^

Well, actually to be honest, I am extremely budget or "cheapskate" . I will go for anything free. :X
and you know what's the best part? 

You can download it at home and read it offline!!
Also, the app allows you to download the whole series all at once. So you can read 1, 10 or even 100 episodes at once! 
I feel that it is a major advantage especially if you have a small data plan. You can read it on the train, or while waiting for whoever.  Or even read it on the plane!! You know, we students or cheapskate people, we will try to save our money by taking budget airlines. but the major downside is that you don't have in flight entertainment, and webtoon can solve it for you! As you can download all the episodes and read them even when your phone is on airplane mode! 

So anyways, back to the webtoon I want to recommend. 

It is about a female vampire high school student that has fallen in love with a human boy who is OBSESSED with her till he found out her true identify as a vampire. As the human boy hates vampires as his mum ran away with a vampire, abandoning him with his biological human dad. 
However, their love for each other was so strong, it becomes a whole emotional roller coaster when he found out that she is a vampire. 

What I love about this series
I recommend my friends and you readers out there to read this series as I feel that the emotions of the characters are well portrayed, and that it is such an emotional roller coaster when you read it. 

Will you believe it if I said that i actually cried while reading this? 
If this web series can make me cry reading it, it definitely proves that it is nice. haha. If not I would not even bother reading it. 

In addition, at every episode, it is a cliff hanger. Which, to be honest, it is quite annoying. However, the story is so interesting that it makes you want to continue reading it! 


If you have any books, manga, shows that you recommend, PLEASE leave a comment below. ^^ 
See you in the next post! bye.

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