Wednesday, 30 November 2011



in today's post, i want to introduce to you something that is quite new (to me).. haha!



i received a complementary packet of it while dining in macdonals! hahaha!!
and i went to try it! :DD

this is the back of the packet.

i poured some milo powder into my cup of cold water.

stir stir stir... ...

TADA!!! all dissolved!! *sorry for the blur photo :/*

drank them all and sadly i see this :((

(i dont know why the hell is this photo so smal! :( )

apparently not all the milo powder was dissolved.

now... for the critics!

getting a nice cup of millo without hot water! very convenient!! :D
i can bring it to school/to work and drink it if i am hungry any time any where.

doesnt taste as chocolately
does not dissolves completely :(

so get them because it is convenient! :D to me it overpowers the cons! hahaha!!

that;s it for today!!

thanks for reading my awesome stuff:D

i am not paid to advertise any products, brands or anything. the above are my own personal opinion, and this is my blog i should have the right to say what i want.

Saturday, 26 November 2011


is it me or isit that i cant see my photos properly?????

iphone button stickers!

hi there!!

look what my mum got for me from chinatown!!


but sadly, my mum didnt know the "market price" of these and bought them at $4 :/ when you can just all 6 pieces at slightly over a dollar online... ..

oh wells.

whats done cant be undone.

but they are cute!!!! <33333

hi. thanks for being awesome!

look at what i found!

hey there! how are you??

look at what i found!!

someone put a little basket outside their gates and asks people to put their flyers, advertisements in it!


sometimes we see such awesome stuff. we just need to treasure them. :DD

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

nail update!

long time no see!!

i was shopping with my sister at the mall near my house and we went into a drug store/whateveryoucallit, and i found this!!

i didnt know it existed in singapore!! hahaha!!

but the designs are very limited. 4 :(
i wanted to get it but there isnt the pricetage on it and the store was in a mess so i didnt bother to ask. so i didnt get it.. hahah!

have you tried this??
any comments/reccomendations??

i am awesome
and so are you

Friday, 18 November 2011

hectic week!

been real busy this week and finally this week have come to an end!! *fireworks*

had lots of assignments to hand up.
and not forgetting the tests i have to face :/
monday: datasheet to hand up
Wednesday: biorisk and laboratory management test
thursday: submission of case study tutorial and biosafety cabinet classII checklist
friday (today): molecular biology and genetics test.

by looking at it now it wasnt that bad. but it was bad becuase i had lessons from 8-6 almost daily. which means VERY little time for me to do my school work:/

anyways, ITS ALL OVER!!!! yeahhhh! for now.

am currently watching some hongkong drame on youtube in my school library. hahah!!
i am watching forensic heros 3! i dont think there is english subtitles out but u can try searching :DDD
i am watching the ones with the chinese voice over :DDD hahah!

what should i eat for lunch??

Thursday, 17 November 2011


I need to improve on it.. How?

hi, been busy lately:/


ive been VERY busy lately :( tests assignments tests and more assignments!!
stressful life.

my whole class is stressed out too!! and we took every opportunity that we have to destress. like literately took every opportunity..

will elaborate more, need to study for my molecular biology and genetics test tomorrow!! all the best for me!!! :DDDD (self motivation hahah!!)

will post again this weekend!! :DDD

*i am very surprised that i have so many visitors from russia and india! (Y) thanks for visiting!!

i am awesome and i shall study :DDD

Saturday, 12 November 2011

black rainbow

hahah! i love my title!!

black rainbow. LMAO!

i am just doing a swatch on the rainbow polish i bought. ( see my older post to find out more about it)
and i am just doing a simple swatch :DD after all it is BLACK. there isnt much to say about black polish.

seriously it is just black. nth much to say about it. hahah! and i seriously need to focus my photos properly! XD

hahah! i was supposed to be studying when i took these photos XD

thats all for now. bye!

love ya~

i am scared

i am trying to organise and have a course-tee. and i just sent the first draaft design to my other course mates that isnt from my class.. and i am damn worried that i will screw up ;S

Thursday, 10 November 2011

hello kitty!

hi! i've recently posted up a post on a giveaway by
and i "suddenly" remember that i am a little hello kitty fan! XD and this is what i found while shopping at lot one after school with my best friend from secondary school!

i found it at watsons! and they are super cute!!

hehehe!! i am a happy girl now! looking at hello kitty :DDD anybody willing to sponsor me these hello kitty babies??? hahahah!! i want to use them and show off

love ya~

disclaimer: i am not paid to advertise any products or any shop.

Monday, 7 November 2011

my semester holiday haul

hi there! i just started school ( for 3 weeks already) and i spent quite a lot of nail polishes during my semester break.

and i really mean quite a lot! considering that i am a student. and singaporean students   i have no money UNLESS i work. because the pocket money i got from my parents are for my food only. and a little bit of stationery if i save a little bit and starbucks once in a while if i save.

so TADA!! my new babies~~~

9 bottles in total!!! 

2 from THEFACESHOP $7.80 each. they are the "more expensive" ones. usually i just get the $2.90 polishes from there. but i really like the colours :DDDDD

2 from ETUDEHOUSE  this is a steal! really! even though i think that polishes from this brand isnt THAT fantastic. but i got it at 30% off!!! its usual price was $2.50 per bottle. and i got it at $1.75 per bottle!!!

2 RAINBOW brand  this is sorta a "rubbish" brand. this brand is made by a local company that tries to sell cosmetic products at GOOD prices. i went to get this polish because my mum had one "from her generation"  from a long time ago. and i still can use it! i mean that it isnt dried up and yucky like the other polishes my mum had. furthermore, it is really sold at a good price! $1.80 per bottle!!! if you got them at $2.00 or $2.20, it means your money has been cheated! hahah!! i went to do some research on this brand and in retail, the cheapest is $1.80 :DDDDDD

1 rubi hahah for this polish there is a story behind it. once upon a time, there was a clearance sale by COTTONON. and in this clearance sale,they sold assessories at 10 for $10!! so i asked my mum to head there to get SOMETHING (my mum is sort of a COTTONON fan. she ALWAYS go in and managed to buy tonnes of clothes from there for herself, my sis and i) and she got the 10 for $10. 6 rose ear-rings of -different colour each, 1 pearl ear-ring, 2 bracelets, and a bottle of polish that she picked last for me. :DDDDDDD

1 OPI nail envy MATTE i am trying this out :DDDD but i am not very impressed by the matte finish it has. :/

1 from the giveaway i won i have yet to take a look at this properly. but it is red!

oh oh oh!!
before i took the picture above, i spent 20 minutes looking for these two new babies. my mum hid it as i didnt "keep my babies properly" :S and my mum ALWAYS hide it at some lame place like in my drawer, in my bag, in her room, on her dressing table! =.=

love ya~
arghhh!! i should focus properly while taking photos!! they arent exactly very clear :/ oh wells, i took them with my iphone. because i do not have any money to buy a proper camera :S

disclaimer: i am not paid to promote any products. the above are all said in my opinion not meant to ruin any brand's reputation. the above are just from my point of view as a user.


pretty. sweet and simple!

love ya
i am awesome!


look at this mess!!

you can win 15 of this babies!!

love ya~
i am awesome


i look like a zombie if i do not put anything on..
so this will help a lot!

love ya~
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classroom cuteness


i always find cute cartoon drawings by someone on the classroom whiteboard! hahah!

so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love ya~


pretty giveaway!!

love ya!

0.0 pretty!!!

BenQ Corporation

pretty goodies right???


seriously.. this is NOT a giveaway! this IS A STASH CLEARANCE ther are sooo many goodies!!!

hahah this blogger is funny

she claims that "* items come from a smoke-free, dog-free, yet cat-full house."

bimbo phone case on the loose~!!

pretty pretty phone case!!!

i really want one of this kinda girly girly phone case but i always see them at sky high prices.. :S >$150 ?!!!

so just win this prize!! save money! rofl!

love ya

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never wrong with red

hey there!

as i have mentioned a million years ago, i won a giveaway. in that pile of mess i won, there is this! :

there isnt a number or name of that colour though. i only know that it is RED.

this is how it looks like on my gorgeous sexy lips.

love ya~

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The relationship between time and money.

Suddenly there are a couple of meaningful phrases or quotes by various bloggers, youtubers saying about family.

This is because adelyn hosehbo claimed that she have slapped her Mum on Facebook. That has cause quite a little drama in Singapore.

Some background information can be found in "" , Singapore seen. (just google it. You can find the site.)

So after that little drama, many people come saying that RESPECT YOUR PARENTS no matter how annoying they are. Its true.. But I feel that it is a two way thing.

Some parents know that TIME IS MONEY. So they give their kids money but not their time. But the actual fact is that giving your kids your time is spending quality bonding time with them. And giving money doesn't help in bonding when the parents and kids are not together.

So... Time is money! But money isn't time!!

Just take out few hours of your time, whether you are a student, parent, working adult. Just spend a few hours a week with your family, at home or outside. You can just stay at home and chill with your family, rotting infront of the television, discussing about the actors and actresses in that movie.
That is spending time together!

So have you been spending time with your family???
Remember, your family will be there for you even if you are fired, failed a major examination, broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

So love and cherish your family.


i have a created a twitter account!

because i think that tweeting is much more convenient than blogging. :X
but NO WORRIES! i will still blog!

so follow me on twitter!


love ya <3

come! join this giveaway too!!

i was blog hopping and i saw that this blogger is having a giveaway!!


oh! did i say that this blogger is reeealllyyyy pretty?? .. okayyy this blogger is realllyyy pretty!! and i read some of her posts, she mentioned like "lab partner" so is she studying science like me?? hahah!!

Friday, 4 November 2011


i have lost my ez-link card. crap.... now i have to pay adult fare while travelling, no concession passes :X

stop following me follower!

have it occured to you that amongst your friends, you are the one who decides where to eat, where to hang out, to go home straight from school, how to spilt work for group work, the one who initiates in every group work?

well, that is what i am facing.

it may seem to be an awesome feeling, where everything 'goes your way' however, it is not growth for me! it is always my way, it is always my style. i do not get any other exposure, my group do not take turn to lead!

i didnt give my group mates a chance? well, i can frankly say that i did!

i waited! i always waited for someone to take initiative FIRST. but they will always ask me "hey for that group project how ar??" and i was like "er..... ..... i dont know"... so what i am suppose to give instructions?? you should have changed your sentence to "hey! for that group project, why not we do something about it during lunch later?". you know, it is the same theory as making a wish, life goals, yearly resolutions.

people usually say:

i wish to be rich a famous,
i wish to have perfect grades, 
i wish to have a big house.

but there is no action. you are just DAY DREAMING!

you should say:

i want to be rich and famous, i will start off by having a great idea and start a business,
i want to have perfect grades, i will read 2 books a week and do all my homework and ask my teachers 10 questions everyday.
i want to have a big house at the age of 30, with 10 bedrooms, 4 toilets, and only me staying in it.

something like that!! there must be an  action that can be taken!!

so anyways, as always, they are forever waiting, and they are forever asking me questions, like hello!! i am attending the same class as you! if you dont know, do you think i will know?? and they are forever waiting for me to do up the shit read up first and SPOONFEED them and ask them to DO SOMETHING.

its tiring. really.

if there is no grades involved, i would not care.