Friday, 4 November 2011

stop following me follower!

have it occured to you that amongst your friends, you are the one who decides where to eat, where to hang out, to go home straight from school, how to spilt work for group work, the one who initiates in every group work?

well, that is what i am facing.

it may seem to be an awesome feeling, where everything 'goes your way' however, it is not growth for me! it is always my way, it is always my style. i do not get any other exposure, my group do not take turn to lead!

i didnt give my group mates a chance? well, i can frankly say that i did!

i waited! i always waited for someone to take initiative FIRST. but they will always ask me "hey for that group project how ar??" and i was like "er..... ..... i dont know"... so what i am suppose to give instructions?? you should have changed your sentence to "hey! for that group project, why not we do something about it during lunch later?". you know, it is the same theory as making a wish, life goals, yearly resolutions.

people usually say:

i wish to be rich a famous,
i wish to have perfect grades, 
i wish to have a big house.

but there is no action. you are just DAY DREAMING!

you should say:

i want to be rich and famous, i will start off by having a great idea and start a business,
i want to have perfect grades, i will read 2 books a week and do all my homework and ask my teachers 10 questions everyday.
i want to have a big house at the age of 30, with 10 bedrooms, 4 toilets, and only me staying in it.

something like that!! there must be an  action that can be taken!!

so anyways, as always, they are forever waiting, and they are forever asking me questions, like hello!! i am attending the same class as you! if you dont know, do you think i will know?? and they are forever waiting for me to do up the shit read up first and SPOONFEED them and ask them to DO SOMETHING.

its tiring. really.

if there is no grades involved, i would not care.

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