Friday, 18 November 2011

hectic week!

been real busy this week and finally this week have come to an end!! *fireworks*

had lots of assignments to hand up.
and not forgetting the tests i have to face :/
monday: datasheet to hand up
Wednesday: biorisk and laboratory management test
thursday: submission of case study tutorial and biosafety cabinet classII checklist
friday (today): molecular biology and genetics test.

by looking at it now it wasnt that bad. but it was bad becuase i had lessons from 8-6 almost daily. which means VERY little time for me to do my school work:/

anyways, ITS ALL OVER!!!! yeahhhh! for now.

am currently watching some hongkong drame on youtube in my school library. hahah!!
i am watching forensic heros 3! i dont think there is english subtitles out but u can try searching :DDD
i am watching the ones with the chinese voice over :DDD hahah!

what should i eat for lunch??

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