Sunday, 6 November 2011

The relationship between time and money.

Suddenly there are a couple of meaningful phrases or quotes by various bloggers, youtubers saying about family.

This is because adelyn hosehbo claimed that she have slapped her Mum on Facebook. That has cause quite a little drama in Singapore.

Some background information can be found in "" , Singapore seen. (just google it. You can find the site.)

So after that little drama, many people come saying that RESPECT YOUR PARENTS no matter how annoying they are. Its true.. But I feel that it is a two way thing.

Some parents know that TIME IS MONEY. So they give their kids money but not their time. But the actual fact is that giving your kids your time is spending quality bonding time with them. And giving money doesn't help in bonding when the parents and kids are not together.

So... Time is money! But money isn't time!!

Just take out few hours of your time, whether you are a student, parent, working adult. Just spend a few hours a week with your family, at home or outside. You can just stay at home and chill with your family, rotting infront of the television, discussing about the actors and actresses in that movie.
That is spending time together!

So have you been spending time with your family???
Remember, your family will be there for you even if you are fired, failed a major examination, broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

So love and cherish your family.

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