Monday, 7 November 2011

my semester holiday haul

hi there! i just started school ( for 3 weeks already) and i spent quite a lot of nail polishes during my semester break.

and i really mean quite a lot! considering that i am a student. and singaporean students   i have no money UNLESS i work. because the pocket money i got from my parents are for my food only. and a little bit of stationery if i save a little bit and starbucks once in a while if i save.

so TADA!! my new babies~~~

9 bottles in total!!! 

2 from THEFACESHOP $7.80 each. they are the "more expensive" ones. usually i just get the $2.90 polishes from there. but i really like the colours :DDDDD

2 from ETUDEHOUSE  this is a steal! really! even though i think that polishes from this brand isnt THAT fantastic. but i got it at 30% off!!! its usual price was $2.50 per bottle. and i got it at $1.75 per bottle!!!

2 RAINBOW brand  this is sorta a "rubbish" brand. this brand is made by a local company that tries to sell cosmetic products at GOOD prices. i went to get this polish because my mum had one "from her generation"  from a long time ago. and i still can use it! i mean that it isnt dried up and yucky like the other polishes my mum had. furthermore, it is really sold at a good price! $1.80 per bottle!!! if you got them at $2.00 or $2.20, it means your money has been cheated! hahah!! i went to do some research on this brand and in retail, the cheapest is $1.80 :DDDDDD

1 rubi hahah for this polish there is a story behind it. once upon a time, there was a clearance sale by COTTONON. and in this clearance sale,they sold assessories at 10 for $10!! so i asked my mum to head there to get SOMETHING (my mum is sort of a COTTONON fan. she ALWAYS go in and managed to buy tonnes of clothes from there for herself, my sis and i) and she got the 10 for $10. 6 rose ear-rings of -different colour each, 1 pearl ear-ring, 2 bracelets, and a bottle of polish that she picked last for me. :DDDDDDD

1 OPI nail envy MATTE i am trying this out :DDDD but i am not very impressed by the matte finish it has. :/

1 from the giveaway i won i have yet to take a look at this properly. but it is red!

oh oh oh!!
before i took the picture above, i spent 20 minutes looking for these two new babies. my mum hid it as i didnt "keep my babies properly" :S and my mum ALWAYS hide it at some lame place like in my drawer, in my bag, in her room, on her dressing table! =.=

love ya~
arghhh!! i should focus properly while taking photos!! they arent exactly very clear :/ oh wells, i took them with my iphone. because i do not have any money to buy a proper camera :S

disclaimer: i am not paid to promote any products. the above are all said in my opinion not meant to ruin any brand's reputation. the above are just from my point of view as a user.

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