Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Oh I won a giveaway!!! Omggggg!!!

As said in the title, I won a giveaway!!! Hahahah!! I'll post pictures of them once I get them!!!!! So excited!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

He is cute!

He is cute. And it totally melts my heart when he still talks nicely and gets what I want don't despite all my bitchyness :X

The problem is that I think he is too old for me~ and he is not local :S

Monday, 26 September 2011


I got rejected because my blog has too little (no) followers??? 0.0

Like hello!! My blog is less than a month old!!!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Headache !!!

Hi there!!! A LOT of things happened since I last blogged and in this week :S

I scolded someone for being irresponsible with their work and made the student change tutor when O levels is <40 days away. -there is a part two to this story. But I will not say it here-

I am in a adult choir for almost a year now. And I WAS a member. Now I have been "promoted???" I am the score person now. XD..

But I think I left all the scores on the table today :S didn't keep them properly *gosh!!!!!* hopefully someone from the choir keeps it. Or else... ...

Actually coz choir practice only occurs once a week. And if no body keeps it, I don't know what will happen to those scores in the next few days. :S

I think I will continue to be in this adult choir even after 1.5 years. Because I am doing NYAA and I am using choir for the skill section (:

Initially I really wanted to quit like immediately after completion of my NYAA. I don't really like the culture there in the choir. And I hide me being in the choir a secret from my parents :X and I have to say that it isnt a good thing hiding things from your parents. SO DON'T DO IT!!

I am having a dilemma about what bag-back to get. My mum don't like jansport, and I think it's price is reasonable I don't mind spending that amount on it. :X
If I don't get jansport, I don't know what other bags to get... In addition, because I am working in a sports shop, my colleague allow me to use his staff discount if I really want to buy something. (: well, It is also because he doesn't buy things Frm the shop we are working in. Hahaha!!

Do you have any suggestions on what bags to get?? Hopefully one that matches the demure and wild side of me(: and hopefully one that matches my personality which is a girly girl. Hahaha!!

I don't know what to do with my pay after I get it. :S

Any suggestions???

I really want to get nail art stamping plates. Hopefully from BORNPRETTY. because the stamping plates are cheap?? And I've heard that quite a lot of bloggers are using it.

Hopefully I get a sample to try. Because I really really want to try it and make my nail art experience awesome!!!

Furthermore, when I do hand painted nail art, it takes bloody long to finish the work. About one whole day??? Inclusive of the time I "wasted" doing nothing while waiting for my polish to dry :/ like a bit waste time yo. And I have this habit of removing my nail polish every week...

I went crazy and borrowed tonnes of books from the school library.

Who says that the book era is gone??? It's still Alive!!! Just that I would rather borrow than BUY books. Hahaahha!!!

That's all I had in mind CURRENTLY.. hahaha!!

Bye. Shall sleep for the rest of my train ride since I finally finished my book. :S

Friday, 23 September 2011

Thursday, 15 September 2011

20 random facts about me!

Hey! I shall post some facts about me while waiting for my hair to dry (:

1. I am a girl (:

2. I'm 18 this year.

3. I like painting my nails. But I know it damages my nails to an extent so I try to control my hobby whenever possible.

4. I have a younger sister.

5. I study a science course in a local polytechnic.

6. I am a Singaporean, lived in Singapore all my life, still in Singapore.

7. I don't think I am the smartest but I think I am hardworking.

8. I live in a 5-room HDB flat.

9. I own an iPhone 4. Rofl.

10. I work every long holiday ( holidays that are > 1mth long. So if you are hiring temporary position email or comment! )

11. My highest pay was S$15 per hour because I was teaching tuition. Following that is $12 per hour for telemarketing for insurance. ( so if you want to hire me please give me a reasonable pay or else I will not be motivated to work thanks )

12. I used to draw. I used to draw precious moments.

13. I like hello kitty. And it's mainly because of my mum. She is a fan of hello kitty too!

14. I do not spend my earnings from my part time AT ALL. because my parents still gives me pocket money during my holidays (:

15. Sometimes I don't know why do I try so hard to save money. To buy a house? Driving lessons? Car?? Pay school fees??

16. I have NEVER wanted to cut my hair above shoulder length. ( it's always long )

17. I do not have a lot of memories of my childhood. What I remember now are what I see in videos.

18. I love my real name. It's really really unique!!

19. I have a Cantonese background??? Kk my parents are Cantonese, I know a little bit of Cantonese :X.

20. I have been skinny all my life. Well, the 18 years of life that ive lived so far. XD.

20 random facts!!

Why can&apos;t one wear loud Nail polish colours to work???

The temptations to paint them is SOOOOOOO.... But don't know what to paint that is appropriate for work :S

Any suggestions??

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I didn&apos;t know Chinese speaking sales assistant is so important.

At my current part time job that I am doing during my holidays, there are only 3 Chinese speaking people out of all the staff !! Ratio is about 3:10??? And all 3 of us are not working tml ( because it's a retail job, so the off days are the weekdays. ) so if there's any chinese-only customers, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! hahah!!

Hello! Blogging while working! :X

Anyways using blogger mobile for iPhone(:

Some pictures!! (: I did mini "presents" for appreciation gifts (: inside it is actually sweet.

Next. My mum bought some hello kitty cookies from candy empire!!! But it cost SGD$4 Σ(゚д゚lll)

Lastly , (look at my post in my tumblr acc.) It's the Japanese Rose!! I actually "stole" some from my school to grow it at home. And this plant is so easy yo grow!! A few days in water and it has roots!!!! I pluck the plant at the stem.. XD
And it bloomed!! Good thing that it bloomed. Or else I think my mum will scream at my for growing so many plants at home :S hahaha!!

So that's all for now!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

hey!! cute giveaway here!!

you know what??? her prizes looks so pretty!!! it totally reminds me of my childhood!! (:

so participate yo!!!

good luck

Friday, 9 September 2011


GOSH! i look pathetic without followers. anyways, is there a app for iphone for blogger?? because i've a part time job now!! so i guess i wont be blogging much?? until i can blog while working. which i can. WITH A MOBILE APP. (:

*sometimes i am amazed at how fast i find a job XD*

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

boring and lazy day!

well, as you know, i do not have a job this holiday.  i am stuck at home, reading, blogging and basically that's it! what a life! :/

well, are there any suggestion on things to do?? do comment and let me know! thanks yo!

i didnt create this blog to participate in giveaways.

i DO blog yknow.

and i am tired. (:
see yall tml! i guess. coz its my holidays now so i think i will be blogging often?? (:

i didnt create this blog to participate in giveaways.

i DO blog yknow.

and i am tired. (:
see yall tml! i guess. coz its my holidays now so i think i will be blogging often?? (:


there is a blogger from SINGAPORE who is giving out a giveaway!! like OMG!! .. we are on the same side of the world yo!!

and her blogskin is really cute! it reminds me of dolly wink! hahaha!

she started blogging since 12! like omg! is she crazy??? that commitment to the blog is really amazing!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THAT SHE IS HUMAN. !! can she stop making me jealous?~ like hello! i know polish can be bought at dirt cheap prices but u dont have to make me suffer by showing of right?? hahahaha!!

this giveaway have some nice color! very summer, island-ish. AND I STAY IN SINGAPORE! where its always summer and i am stuck on this tiny island! this giveaway is like its meant for me!! XDXD..

0.0 and she have a blog sale too! omg~

she make money and she use money to buy dirt cheap nail polish /:

check it out man!! she ships overseas too! but obviously u have to pay for the shipping. XD

hey omg! i am JEALOUS!

and i reallyy mean that i am JEALOUS!

according to carla from , she says that in her country, sometimes the polishes are sold at DIRT CHEAP. like wtf?? here in singapore, we only have it CRAP expensive!! like make me JEALOUS! ):

anyways, this bitch who is making me jealous have a giveaway! I WANT TO WIN IT!!

bitches who make me jealous /: i want those babies! 



i just heard a song sung my gLee and it goes like this

"your are beautiful, no matter what they say~ words CANT being u down~!"

so nice right>??? so anyways, you are beautiful, and u can be MORE beautiful!!

good luck! 

heyyy!! look at those!!

i initially thought it was a normal box or something but when i look closer and read the words, i realised they are eyeshadow! see how mountain tortoise i amXDXD

so get these pretty stuff!!

good luck!

OMG!! I WANT THE OPI - Spookettes Minis:

maybe i should put it under my wishlist too! XD 

those polishes GLOW IN THE DARK YKNOW!!!like omg!!

good luck!

heyyy!! this blogger is giving out dolly wink!!!!

i have heard a lot about this breand dolly wink

and this blogger is giving away dolly wink product!

good luck! 


damn it! do YOU adore that hello kitty pouch>?!!

i love hello kitty do u? i dont care if u do or u dont love hello kitty, i bet there is something in there that u love! so there u go!! 

good luck! 

hey! this blogger is CRAZYYY!!!!!!!!

ONE Winner will get to pick $200 USD worth of products from the Sephora website,
compliments of yours truly.


hey you! so not waste this crazy bitch's USD$200 and WIN THIS DAMN THING!! 

good luck!! 

no more polish! but something that MAKES U PRETTY!

its make up!!..
you know, a little make up really can make u PRETTY!!! so join this giveaway!!

Here is what the package contains:
* One Eye Gloss in Angel's Play
* One Loose Glitter Pigment in Wishing for wings.

Total retail value of the package is £ 76.00. 

and thats a lot of money~! 

so not waste this money an win it! make u pretty! 

good luck~ 

heyy!! this blogger is just awesome!!

there are three types of prizes to win but i want the polishes!! they are SOOOOOOOOOOO PRETTY!!!

see! pretty right!! those minis are C-CUTE!!!

u try it too!! if u win those polishes GIVE IT TO ME!!!

kayy.. i sound desperate XDXD but WHATEVER! 

good luck!! 

hey another one!

i am so sorry but i am addicted to polishes! so... ... ... ...

another giveaway that i want to share!

these polishes are awesome!! they do not chip for around a week and they have some amazing colors in their collection.! 

good luck!! * i keep spelling good as gooG* =.= i think i am too crazy.. hahaha! 

it is opened internationally too!! try your luck~ 

heyy!! some giveaways i want to share with u~

hey! try this give away! afterall, no harm trying!

What you can win:
* Catrice Pool Party At Night
* Essence Nail Art Twins Thelma
* Essence  Tryin' To Be Cool
* Essence Right, Girl
* Golden Rose Sweet Color 165
* Golden Rose Sweet Color 171
* Golden Rose Sweet Color 154
* Golden Rose Fashion Color 55
* Astor 66

this giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY!!


O.o!! u can buy nicole polishes in Watsons, singapore???!!! i wanna go seee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

newspaper nails!!

hello AGAIN!

let me start on my first official nail post!
the nail design i did this time is "inspired" or "from" the youtube video below~!

its a really simple nail art design(: and i did my nails with english and chinese newspapers~ hahah!! check out my nails below!

the nail polish is from my friend, she bought it from korea's etude house. its kinda cheap is you get it over there in korea. it's just slightly over SGD$1 per bottle. whereas if you were to buy it from etude house singapore, its >SGD$2 ?? i think its due to the shipping of goods here. as the products are straight from korea.

i dont go in etude house shops often. i find that their staff are intimidating. XD they just stand at the entrance of their shops, in their uniform. one staff at each end of the entrance and when u go in, they will follow you like dogs and explain almost every product you touch ( even though they have a description of the product there written in English ). i mean like we as customers should feel comfortable WALKING into your shops right?

 according  to the youtube video, the person use some alcohol to dip her finger in. i didnt dip my finger in alcohol. i used those 70% alcohol wipes u have in the first aid kits XD.

and just for FYI. 70% alcohol can be used to disinfect ... ... STUFF basically. like in the labs, we spam 70% alcohol onto our tables to disinfect them. and i am serious about us SPAMMING. hahaha! if i am not wrong, compared to the other solutions we have in the lab, 70% alcohol is considered very cheap. furthermore, its better to use more alcohol to disinfect than to have contamination in our samples, results etc.
i tried to do some "dripping thingy" on my ring finger. XD as i feel that having all 5 fingers on each hand to have the same design is BORING so i always have this habit of having one or more finger of a different design! 

for my ring finger, i used permanent marker to DRAW.. hahah!!.. but NO WORRIES! permanent marker isnt PERMANENT!. you see on the covers of the markers, some will say WATER RESISTANT, ALCOHOL INK TYPE. well, that's what i used. so basically it means that it cannot be washed off by water, BUT it being a alcohol-ink-type, the marker ink is soluble in alcohol, thus it can be removed EASILY with the alcohol u used earlier on!

so yup! that it! with me and my nagging of some common sense and about my nails XDXD.

*disclaimer: i am not paid to advertise any of the product(s), video(s), etc*

i am really bored.

its my vacation and i am BORED!!!! like seriously. i gave up all my school commitments so i can work this holiday. BUT i cant find a job!!! i have no money and i have NOTHING to do!! damn it! -.-
so i guess i will be blogging often.): to distract me and my dreams of earning money ): HAIXX

why can't money just fall from the sky~ 

i shifted!!

hello! i've shifted!! from 

i shifted from there coz i feel that tumblr isnt my style of doing. well, i think its more of me not used to the tumblr. hahaah!! and i think blogger will be easier for me. XD so i am here.!! i think i will swap between blogger and tumblr on and off depending on what i post (: but i'll still put it up on both blogs. (: