Tuesday, 6 September 2011

newspaper nails!!

hello AGAIN!

let me start on my first official nail post!
the nail design i did this time is "inspired" or "from" the youtube video below~!

its a really simple nail art design(: and i did my nails with english and chinese newspapers~ hahah!! check out my nails below!

the nail polish is from my friend, she bought it from korea's etude house. its kinda cheap is you get it over there in korea. it's just slightly over SGD$1 per bottle. whereas if you were to buy it from etude house singapore, its >SGD$2 ?? i think its due to the shipping of goods here. as the products are straight from korea.

i dont go in etude house shops often. i find that their staff are intimidating. XD they just stand at the entrance of their shops, in their uniform. one staff at each end of the entrance and when u go in, they will follow you like dogs and explain almost every product you touch ( even though they have a description of the product there written in English ). i mean like we as customers should feel comfortable WALKING into your shops right?

 according  to the youtube video, the person use some alcohol to dip her finger in. i didnt dip my finger in alcohol. i used those 70% alcohol wipes u have in the first aid kits XD.

and just for FYI. 70% alcohol can be used to disinfect ... ... STUFF basically. like in the labs, we spam 70% alcohol onto our tables to disinfect them. and i am serious about us SPAMMING. hahaha! if i am not wrong, compared to the other solutions we have in the lab, 70% alcohol is considered very cheap. furthermore, its better to use more alcohol to disinfect than to have contamination in our samples, results etc.
i tried to do some "dripping thingy" on my ring finger. XD as i feel that having all 5 fingers on each hand to have the same design is BORING so i always have this habit of having one or more finger of a different design! 

for my ring finger, i used permanent marker to DRAW.. hahah!!.. but NO WORRIES! permanent marker isnt PERMANENT!. you see on the covers of the markers, some will say WATER RESISTANT, ALCOHOL INK TYPE. well, that's what i used. so basically it means that it cannot be washed off by water, BUT it being a alcohol-ink-type, the marker ink is soluble in alcohol, thus it can be removed EASILY with the alcohol u used earlier on!

so yup! that it! with me and my nagging of some common sense and about my nails XDXD.

*disclaimer: i am not paid to advertise any of the product(s), video(s), etc*

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