Sunday, 25 September 2011

Headache !!!

Hi there!!! A LOT of things happened since I last blogged and in this week :S

I scolded someone for being irresponsible with their work and made the student change tutor when O levels is <40 days away. -there is a part two to this story. But I will not say it here-

I am in a adult choir for almost a year now. And I WAS a member. Now I have been "promoted???" I am the score person now. XD..

But I think I left all the scores on the table today :S didn't keep them properly *gosh!!!!!* hopefully someone from the choir keeps it. Or else... ...

Actually coz choir practice only occurs once a week. And if no body keeps it, I don't know what will happen to those scores in the next few days. :S

I think I will continue to be in this adult choir even after 1.5 years. Because I am doing NYAA and I am using choir for the skill section (:

Initially I really wanted to quit like immediately after completion of my NYAA. I don't really like the culture there in the choir. And I hide me being in the choir a secret from my parents :X and I have to say that it isnt a good thing hiding things from your parents. SO DON'T DO IT!!

I am having a dilemma about what bag-back to get. My mum don't like jansport, and I think it's price is reasonable I don't mind spending that amount on it. :X
If I don't get jansport, I don't know what other bags to get... In addition, because I am working in a sports shop, my colleague allow me to use his staff discount if I really want to buy something. (: well, It is also because he doesn't buy things Frm the shop we are working in. Hahaha!!

Do you have any suggestions on what bags to get?? Hopefully one that matches the demure and wild side of me(: and hopefully one that matches my personality which is a girly girl. Hahaha!!

I don't know what to do with my pay after I get it. :S

Any suggestions???

I really want to get nail art stamping plates. Hopefully from BORNPRETTY. because the stamping plates are cheap?? And I've heard that quite a lot of bloggers are using it.

Hopefully I get a sample to try. Because I really really want to try it and make my nail art experience awesome!!!

Furthermore, when I do hand painted nail art, it takes bloody long to finish the work. About one whole day??? Inclusive of the time I "wasted" doing nothing while waiting for my polish to dry :/ like a bit waste time yo. And I have this habit of removing my nail polish every week...

I went crazy and borrowed tonnes of books from the school library.

Who says that the book era is gone??? It's still Alive!!! Just that I would rather borrow than BUY books. Hahaahha!!!

That's all I had in mind CURRENTLY.. hahaha!!

Bye. Shall sleep for the rest of my train ride since I finally finished my book. :S

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