Thursday, 15 September 2011

20 random facts about me!

Hey! I shall post some facts about me while waiting for my hair to dry (:

1. I am a girl (:

2. I'm 18 this year.

3. I like painting my nails. But I know it damages my nails to an extent so I try to control my hobby whenever possible.

4. I have a younger sister.

5. I study a science course in a local polytechnic.

6. I am a Singaporean, lived in Singapore all my life, still in Singapore.

7. I don't think I am the smartest but I think I am hardworking.

8. I live in a 5-room HDB flat.

9. I own an iPhone 4. Rofl.

10. I work every long holiday ( holidays that are > 1mth long. So if you are hiring temporary position email or comment! )

11. My highest pay was S$15 per hour because I was teaching tuition. Following that is $12 per hour for telemarketing for insurance. ( so if you want to hire me please give me a reasonable pay or else I will not be motivated to work thanks )

12. I used to draw. I used to draw precious moments.

13. I like hello kitty. And it's mainly because of my mum. She is a fan of hello kitty too!

14. I do not spend my earnings from my part time AT ALL. because my parents still gives me pocket money during my holidays (:

15. Sometimes I don't know why do I try so hard to save money. To buy a house? Driving lessons? Car?? Pay school fees??

16. I have NEVER wanted to cut my hair above shoulder length. ( it's always long )

17. I do not have a lot of memories of my childhood. What I remember now are what I see in videos.

18. I love my real name. It's really really unique!!

19. I have a Cantonese background??? Kk my parents are Cantonese, I know a little bit of Cantonese :X.

20. I have been skinny all my life. Well, the 18 years of life that ive lived so far. XD.

20 random facts!!

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