Monday, 25 February 2013

cheap thrills


for the past few days, I've noticed a sudden jump in my blog views and I would like to say thank you to you, my fellow random readers.

Anyways, my final exam and last paper is in two days time and I will unofficially graduated in two days time!! hurray!! I really need this break!!.. :) I cant wait for it!

another update about my personal life other than the unofficial graduation is that i have decided to leave my choir soon. due to various reasons. firstly is because my parents are against the idea of my participation in choir since forever and their stand became stronger after i mentioned that my choir is going overseas and i want to go with them. next is because i do not find the same joy and passion in singing as compared to a couple of years back. (i love nail polish more haha!) and also, the commitments of being in the choir is increasing where i do not just go and sing for fun only, there is also the financial stress and vocal stress. as in i need to take up lessons vocally. such that being in the choir is, i would say STRESSFUL when my intention was to have fun, to have a life other than school or work. but its like another set of commitment like having double work, double school. like are you crazy?? i am a superwoman but i cant cope with so much work and stress!... ... 

so ya i have decided to quit. 
and just to digress, they should have a auto caps like the phones when we write online. because i dont press shift and caps my first letter of my sentence neither do i caps for the work i.! so you are reading my blog in all small letters. :) because i am lazy. :X

okay back to topic to why i am blogging. 

drum rolls pleaseeeeee.. ....




feel so happy when i found the site because i fell in love with the beautiful beautiful ciate bottles when i saw it on youtube with their carviar tutorial. they look so delicate and beautiful seriously.. ... 

anyways i want to have at least 1 bottles of them in my collection and 2 bottles of deborah lippmann. i love love the colour Mermaid's Dream and Stairway to Heaven and the description of Stairway to Heaven is "iridescent icicle (glitter)" iridescent... ... the word reminds me of my aquaculture class. 

so anyways. i want them!! they are SOOO PRETTY!!!.. can anyone sponsor me??
because they are relatively pricey. :S as compared to OPI or china glaze sold here in singapore. :S.. i can buy 2-3 bottles of OPI for the price of one deborrah lippmann. :/

when i am richer i guess.. 

anyways, my mum's friend went to korea and bought three nail polishes for me. i will post them up in another post with swatches after my exams. and they are SUPER CHEAP! the normal nail polish is 1000won which is approximately S$1.20 i guess and the crackled nail polish is approximately S$5!! super cheap!! but i am not sure if their quality is comparable to OPI or china glaze.   

so yup that's it for today's post. :) continue to visit and i will try my very best to blog as often as possible! 


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