Saturday, 16 February 2013

Another nail post


I'm supposed to revise my work but I just don't have the mood to study! So I shall post up another nail art I did previously! :)

This is rainbow nails where I used assorted nail polishes from various brands and use a dotting tool to creates the groves of each colour. This is a relatively tedious design where u have to layer the colours one by one,dot by dot. But it looks amazing... ... I did it last holiday when I had more spare time for my own manicure designs.. :)

And a little update about my personal life. I've just applied for university.. Sent my application n paid the application fee already. I've yet to submit my relevant documents but will most probably settle it on Monday :) good luck to my application !! And good luck to any of you out there reading my blog and applying for college now or soon ! :)

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