Wednesday, 7 September 2016

11 random things


Just a random post
  1. people are shocked by my unemployment.
  2. people like me don't like to READ blog posts. (i prefer images like instagram)
  3. random grab bags sold are a waste of money (you dont know what you will get. so basically you are just throwing money to the seller to give whatever she wants) 
  4. i just spent 5 minutes digging my ears because it was suddenly so itchy.
  5. i picture myself being an OL (office lady)
  6. sometimes i don't feel like replying to certain people.
  7. with unemployment, i am getting back into calligraphy.
  8. i realised, to have a beautifully instagram-worthy calligraphy work requires a lot of behind-the-scenes doodles and trial-and-errors.
  9. my sitting posture is so bad recently that i get headaches
  10. i need to do a facial
  11. i did consider doing youtube or like to be an influencer on social media. but my photo editing skills sucks and i cant take nice pictures.


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