Tuesday, 29 May 2012

kiasu-ism i've observed


my first paper is over! :/ i am supposed to revise for my paper tml, but i am super unmotivated to study. so i shall blog! i think i am crazy.. i blog often when i am having my school holidays and when i am having exams. :S 

but whatever~ 

anyways, i have noticed that my blog hits increased in the past few days. i wonder why. oh wells... 

now.. i shall talk about the topic of this post! i just made it up like 5s ago. but at least there is some content in this post. :D

so anyways, i was going to school for my exam this morning, it was approximately 7.30am? when i reached the MRT station. so ya.. because i have a morning paper, so i wanted to reach early to calm my nerves.. actually to do the last bit of revision :X back to topic, i was walking/reaching the train station and i see the usual working adults; aunties; uncles ah peks and ah mas q-ing (i dont know and cant spell q i dk why!!) up for the free newspaper that consists of both english and chinese articles 我报 and after they have received their free copy of the paper, they turned, and walked in a loop to take another free newspaper, TODAY..  

when i saw it i was like :O ... what the,... i thought having either one of them is good enough? are there THAT many news to report?? why are those people taking free stuff like they do not have money to buy THE STRAITS TIMES ?? its like 60cents or something... ... i have it delivered to my house so i dont know the price. hahaha. anyways, like seriously, why are those people so cheapo and want to take so many free papers?!! i mean yaaa they are free but you have $$ right. =.=. and yaa if you collect them you can sell them to the "rubbish" collector for recycling for a few cents. but what can you do with that few cents?? buy one cup of coffee????

seriously. i dont know why people want to save money to that extent. no money then dont buy so much~ dont eat good food~ dont go for movies~ i mean one dont have to be so kiasu to take both free papers~ =.=

i dont understand why some people are like that. 

so yaa thats all for now. bye~ 

Saturday, 26 May 2012

my views

hello anyone who reads my blog,

my common test is just next week and i think i am just committing suicide blogging right now. but its okay! i shall limit my bloging time to max of 20 minutes? i usually take hours. :X

so anyways, i am here to share my thoughts on the recent  http://xiaxue.blogspot.com/2012/05/faces-of-haters.html  's post! :)

please read her blog post to understand what i am going to blog about.

so anyways, i personally feel that the men who commented those unacceptable comments on xiaxue's photos are to be condemned. i mean like seriously~ xiaxue is just trying to show her support a political party in singapore. and she looks good in her photos.
seriously, it is not wrong at all for her to show her support to that party. i mean like hello??!! man, when you watch soccer, you will want to support your favourite soccer team by watching their matches and wearing some Man U or Liverpool shirt right??! so when you wear you shirts with the soccer team's logo, you are a paid supporter? you are a prostitute as well? trying to get the ladies to support that particular soccer team??


i also read the papers this morning, i usually dont read the papers, but anyways, there is this article written by the associate professor of a local university saying that she received such comments partly becuase of what she wore as well. like hello... a tank top and shorts? inappropriate? =.=

next, i feel that termasek review is also at fault, posting the photo and saying "captions please" like what???!!!! cant they put something more objective such as "local blogger showing support for a political party".. =.= "captions please" is a sign where it allows viewers to think in both ways. positively and negatively. if i were to see that photo and had to comment for it i would comment something that is child friendly and politically correct, something objective that would not cause a commotion or a snowball effect. i mean like seriously there is nothing wrong posting photos with the logo of a group drawn on you face.

i dont know why some sick men when to think about her being a prostitute. like wts?!!
i seriously do not understand haters! i mean if you do not like xiaxue, u think that what she is doing isnt appropriate, then dont look at what she is doing!! do not even comment on it. coz you do not support her way of doing things and why are you even bothered by it.

i believe that those men that commented on xiaxue's photo half wished they had sex with xiaxue, willingly or not and they were too upset that she is married to a good looking non Asian. so they hate her coz she is married and calls her a prostitute coz they wished that she is one. i mean like seriously~ she is petite, good looking be it with make up or not, confident, have awesome hair, have a shit as attitude which i believe some men imagined her whacking them while having sex.

i am not trying to generalize men as a whole. i know some good males who are nice and treat females well. but those men who said such comments should be condemned. and if xiaxue wants, she can sue them! like for real. she was just posting what she did in her everyday life and she is being called a prostitute =.=
so now what? if she take a photo with her husband, mike in a hotel room = they just had sex?
if she posts a photo that she is carrying a gucci bag = she stole it / it is a imitation / she got it from her prostitute money?!

noob or noob.

seriously good looking NOT = prostitute.

and to those men who had their faces in xia xue's post, GOOD FOR YOU! you did it!


posting negative comments or comments that could not be acceptable by the public ( either the minority or the majority) with your OPEN facebook account = suicidal!

my lecturer just told us this recently. to watch what we post on facebook, because you never know that your future employer may decide to hire you or not by looking at your facebook account. so if those men got fired or anything coz their employers saw xiaxue's post, i would say they caused it themselves. they are the one who did not post and comment responsibly.

well i took >20 minutes to type the above already.
i shall stop now.

i am not a fan or a hater of xiaxue.blogspot.com neither am i promoting her site, i just happen to read her blog quite often, once a month? i mean, her blog has a high impact factor and has many hits definitely at least 10^6 higher than mine. and i am just sharing my views on this issue.

good bye all the best for my common test.