Monday, 16 July 2012

"why are you here" "why are you doing this"


This shall be a quick short post. Since I am using my phone to blog and I am merely just spending my short 10minutes waiting time to blog.

Anyways, I am early for my weekly coaching session at a children's home to help to kids for their studies/school work. While waiting, I suddenly asked myself: why am I here?? I know that I had made a very good impression during the meet up/interview months ago and I seem to have forgotten why I am here.

This community service had became a routine thing now. I wonder if it's a good thing. :/

I guess the two questions in the title would apply to everything and everything we do... Corrections, I do. I guess sometimes we should just take a step back and look at things at another angle instead of constantly rushing around the country running errands, doing things...

:) I guess I should be glad that I had the whole weekend to myself this week. It gave me this little break to rest from all the craziness I have been going through and think through some stuff.

That's all for now. I shall get on with my work. :)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

make up rants / randoms


was just wasting my saturday afternoon surfing the net when i was intending to revise my school work and while surfing the net, i realised something. haha!

dont you find it weird that there are MANY bloggers out there who blogged about their lives, their personal point of view and somehow they became famous and somehow many companies send them products requesting them to post their products on their web. and in the end, the whole blog is filled with advertorials and product reviews... ...

funny right.

just food for thought. :)

and anyways, before i was blogging, i was just searching for reviews and swatches about this cosmetic brand called ESSENCE. i know that it is a european brand and its like damn cheap but there is this :/ feeling about it. why am i researching on this brand?? well, COZ THEY ARE SOLD IN THE WATSON THAT IS JUST 10 MINUTES AWAY FROM ME!!! hahhaha!!

i was on the way to watch the amazing spiderman at that shopping mall and stopped by watsons to look at makeup (because my mascarra is about 6 months old its time to change it). and i saw ESSENCE!!! you should have seen how excited i was when i saw the brand there!! ahah! it was AHHHHH!!! OHHH ESSENCE!! NOW THEY ARE SELLING IT HERE!!! hahaha!

so i dragged my sis to look at ESSENCE. my sis got herself a mascarra for $6.50 and i got myself a power foundation? is that what it is called?? for $6. they are much cheaper than other drugstore?watsons? brands like maybeline and l'oreal. a maybeline mascarra can easily got for about $20 and a liquid foundation for l'oreal can easily be $30?? .. .. .

so ya.. essence is VERY CHEAP... .. however, i dont think the quality of their product is the best. for the foundation i got, it doesnt feel like it sticks onto my skin. :/.. .. it just feels as though i am not putting anything and i am not getting any use of putting the foundation on compared to my old maybeline matte foundation... ..

which reminds me something. haha! i shall show you what my maybeline matte foundation looks like now.. haha!
all shattered!! haha! ... ...

so yaa.. about the essence foundation. it just feels and look like i am not applying anything! and the weird thing is that i am a quite-average skin toned person. i am not the fairest. but for the essence foundation, the lightest shade fits me best!... ... :O for my maybeline foundation and for my consealer that i anyhow got at SASA, i got the medium/light shade... ... hahah!!

and then i have another story to tell hhaha!!

i wanted to buy myself a consealer for my dark eye circles. so i went into sasa and asked for recommendation as i wasnt very familiar with what kinda consealer is suitable as i have read about those green, pink, nude foundation. this colour is for pimples, that colour is for eye bags kinda stuff .. .. so i was lazy and i wanna get the product fast so i asked the staff! anyways they are paid for a reason. haha! and the person just recommend me the product, he even choose the shade for me, and i said i will take it. i mean that is what i want. and it was $29.90... :O so expensive!!! :( my wallet was crying~ ahaha! i got the product anyways. but its quite expensive for me.. ... considering the fact that i am a student with totally no imcome, my pocket money i receive from my parents only covers enough for food, no extra cash for entertainment or whatso ever.... .. :/

kay back to topic, i was searching about essence and i realised that their lipsticks are quite popular. haha. so i shall get them the next time i step into watsons. :)

thats all for now! byeeee