Friday, 30 December 2011

men and women

ta da! 

i started this post with a VIDEOOOO!!
i was blog hopping the other day and i came to Joel's blog 

in one of his blog posts, he mentioned his ideal woman / the girl of his dreams 

i mean its PERFECTLY normal for ANYONE to dream of his/her perfect other half. and everytime someone DREAMS of that, i will burst his/her bubble saying " you want your dream other half. and that person whom you like is looking for his/her dream other half too" 

so ya... ... everybody just find yourself a ROBOT. with the body size you want, the skin colour, voice, physical appearance. skills etc!

i can say that i am a love expert, but i think that your other half should start of from being FRIENDS that you are really close to, that you can speak to, that understands you well, that matches your personality. 
i dont think you should get the other half because it fits the physical characteristics you want. it should be someone you can relate to and talk to. physical appearance is a bonus! people can just go for surgery and look like the girls from SNSD! 

get the joke from the picture above?? haha! its trying to say jessica from SNSD had her make up done till she look so flawless and perfect, almost too FAKE.. ..

so ya..
just make friends! when you feel super comfortable with your friend of the other gender thn start going out with him/ her!! i know that you may destroy the friendship but if you two can really get well together then it wont be a problem! haah!!

i feel that it is okay to be living alone, single, die as a virgin etc. but i dont find it okay to not have anybody at my funeral! haha! i dont care! all readers! if you are reading this, please come to my funeral if i die!!

i dont know. i may die 5 minutes later, one hour later, in 2012, in 2100?

life is unpredictable.

Thursday, 29 December 2011


hi all!

i am starting to get addicted to cosmetics!!
ESPECIALLY and the 3 consecutive days of carolling! 
where i am obligated to put on some makeup for performance.

during the carolling days, i put on some foundation, some brown eyeshadow, some gold eyeshadow, blusher and a RED nyx lip cream. 

my lip cream stands out a lot :D hahah!!
before carolling, i was youtube-ing on how to put on blusher!! because i really do not know to how put make up :/ but after youtube-ing i know how!!!haha!!  i am so proud of myself!!

in addition, i learnt that my face is kinda heart shaped. 
i also learnt that my lips arent symmetrical.. :X so using the red lipstick needs to be put on with skill! 

so ya.. after the carolling sessions, i stopped putting on makeup. after a few days ( now) it really feels weird. 
it feels as though my face isnt glowing. it feels that i looked like a ghost! it feels that i am just another boring singaporean who is too lazy to make myself look good! 
and i mean it. singaporeans do not put make up most of the time. those who do are the pretty ones. hahaha!! 

so i have decided! 
after my attachment, i will use about $100 of my allowance and buy my makeup!!! :DDD 

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


this post is going to be a RANT-post!

its about giveaways.

i was participating in giveaways. some giveaways. and i do this very seldom because it is very time consuming to participate in a BLOG giveaway unlike a TUMBLR giveaway where tumblr is just a click of a botton. eg: reblog/ like.

but for blog giveaways, its VERY TEDIOUS! you need to follow the person via GFC, follow on twitter, like the facebook page, tweet about it, blog about it, add on blog roll, yadayadayada.

it is kinda irritating.!

and the probability of wining a giveaway is SUPER SMALL!!
take for example, a giveaway have 200 participants on average. so your probability of wining the giveaway is 0.5%!!! like WHUTTT~~~..

and the most annoying thing is that some hosts do not send out the prizes to the winners! i was blog hopping and i read a blogger's rant that she didnt receive the prizes. zzzzzz and she is crazy enough to participate in >20 giveaways a day!!

i know that winning the giveaway means having free products, but is it worth it? to spend HOURS on your laptop to win a S$ 50 worth of nail polish or cosmetics??
i believe that having a JOB, earns more than that and allows you to BUY the products yourself.

and i strongly believe that you do not use some of the prizes.
i have won ONE giveaway before and i know. the prize contains LOTS of products and half of them i have NEVER seen in my life! so how the hell am i suppose to use it???
its a waste of products and IT IS KILLING THE EARTH!

while participating in a giveaway just now, i saw a poll made by the host.
its asking how many giveaways one participates a day.

or >20??
and there ARE people who participates over 20 giveaways a day!!
its just insane!
seriously. i rather work online (i dont know how) and use MY money to buy something that i like!!

seriously people.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

guilty as charged.

hey there!

tomorrow is CHRISTMAS!!!

will be carolling for two gigs tml.
one is at 12.30 and another at 7,00pm. and the reporting time is 8am and 5pm..

8am?!!! like crazy!! i usually wake up at 11am ! now you are asking me to wake up at 6 am in order to reach at 8am?!! siao!

so anyways, my auntie had extra bonus this year!
she whatsapp me asking what i want for christmas. and i said i wanted the new nicki minaj OPI collection!

AND SHE REALLY GOT IT FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LIKE omg!

she got for me the muppets mini collection too!

so its 8 mini bottles of OPI polishes!... ...

i told my mum that my auntie got 8 polishes for me. and she sort-a scolded me.
because i got my sister's classmate who is a korean girl to get like $10 worth of korea nail polish for me from korea itself! and korea nail polish can go as cheap as 1000won per bottle! its slightly over a dollar singapore money. so its damn cheap!
i will be receiving approximately 10 bottles of korean nail polish and my 8 mini OPI polishes!!

so its about 20 nail polishes at a go!!!

my mum went like "why do you want to many nail polishes?!" 

seriously. this polish addiction is getting greater and greater!
i MUST ban myself from purchasing ANY polishes from now till i used up most of them!

i dont mind receiving free samples or free polishes from anybody obviously!
but buying them myself is a big NO NO!

i will show you my new polishes once i received them!! the korean ones and the OPI! :DDDD

Friday, 23 December 2011

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!!

merry christmas everyone!
today is 23 december!! and christmas is in two days' time!!!
so excited!! i will be carolling from today to 25 dec at various country clubs/ hotels/ fine dining restaruants!

so anyways,

you can check out our events on our facebook page!
like our facebook page too!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

facial cleanser!

hi there!!

i shall review on a product that i have been using for a LONG time!!!

drum rolls please!!!


TA DA!!!

so what the hell is this???

this is the japanese sea salt cleanser! 

and why the hell am i talking about this?!!
because i've use this product all my life. 
actually i only started using when i start puberty. when my face start to CHANGE? and have pimples.!
so i believe that i have been using this for more than 5 years? about there. just an estimation! haha!

so what is so  great about this??
honestly speaking i dont know. 
i havent used other products for my face EVER! ( no joke)
but based on memory. when the sales lady indroduced this product to my mum, she demonstrated how should we use the product on our skin using one of her hands. 
so she squeezed a good amount onto her hands and rub it onto the back of the other hand. 
then she used water to rinse her hands diluting the product over and over. 
after the all the sea salt is washed away, the lady show us both of her hands. AND... ... THERE WAS A DISTINCT DIFFERENCE IN TEXTURE AND SKIN COLOUR OF HER HANDS!!! LIKE OMFG!!! 
it must be due to the many demostrations she did for the customers. and it is a good way of marketing, TRYING-OUT-THE-PRODUCT-YOURSELF.
so ya.. because there is a physical difference in the sales lady's hands, my mum bought the product on the spot. and that led to me using it for more than 5 years.

and in this five years, i have never put moisturisers, toner, sunblock, whitening cream daily for more than 1 week (this shows how lazy i am. and i am 18 this year and i dont put anything on my face XD) and i have never had a pimple outbreak, actually i seldom have pimples, at most one or two pimples at a time, and my face is of a lighter shade than my arms. (maybe i should put whitening cream on my hands to even out the colour).

so TA DA!! the cleanser that i have been using for more than 5 years!! 
oh! this sea salt thingy can be used for your body and for your bathe! 

so ya.. i have shared one of the products i've used :DDD 
is this considered a review?? hahaha!! 
even if its not I DONT CARE! ahahha!! 

i am not paid to promote any of the stated products and the photos are from google. XD 

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

singapore transport system

i forgot to mention about this in my previous post.

anyways, singapore's biggest transport company had a "hiccup" a couple of stations had their power supply cut off due to whatever reason.
and this news affected hundreds of thousands of people in singapore as singapore's MRT is our MAIN form of transport. and this news was spread all over the world. my friends who went to taiwan for i dont know what, said that it was in their headlines.

so ya... ...

singapore's transport system screwed up for a couple of days.
their stock price went down.
singaporean;s trust to that company decreased.
but we have no choice.
we still have to take the MRT as taxis surcharge increased.
public transport is getting more expensive.
maybe i should drive.

let's hope that this incident only happens once in a blue moon. :D
so far in my life this is the greatest hiccup that SMRT had. so i think it can be considered rare??..

random post again!

hello there!

so sorry for not blogging for more than a week :(
its my school holidays now. and i have completed all my assignments. its just preparation of my attachment right now. :D so excited!

let me just say a short story about my attachment/internship and why am i so excited about it.

firstly, i will be attached to a local defence organisation. and it being a DEFENCE organisation, a lot of things a PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL.. (i think). so far i dont have a lot of information about the organisation, about what i will be doing during my attachment. BUT THAT IS WHY IT IS EXCITING!!! its just going to be a surprise when i start work on the 3 jan. :DDD


like ive said, its a DEFENCE organisation, so it means that i cant bring any devices for photography. this means NO IPHONE!!! i dont know how am i going to survive without a iphone. it will be a good experience for me. (hopefully)

so ya. i am excited for my attachment.
k and i dont know what else to talk about. thats why i havent been blogging. BECAUSE NOTHING IS HAPPENING TO ME!!!!!

k i shall talk about the weather today. (for real. i am not joking. i am going to talk about the weather!!)


k . today. its been raining NON STOP! its been raining everyday since last week if i am not wrong. seriously, singapore's weather is CRAZY..i dont know where the hell all that water come from! and luckily there isnt any floods anywhere in singapore. not in orchard road, not in bukit timah. NO FLOODS!
so ya..
its been raining a lot.
and i kinda miss the sun :(
i miss its warmth.

the sun isnt showing up as often. my laundry arent drying quickly, the weather is cold. (i believe its 26 degree celcius. which is quite cold for singapore. anyways that number is just a guess haha! )
AND! the windows are closed everytime! so the same damn air in the flat stays in the flat!

i was painting my nails earlier today and the acetone smell stayed in the room i was in!!
and i told myself i must not harm my family members. because i believe that acetone causes cancer. ( i am not sure if it is proven. maybe i shall check it) so i opened the windows even though the rain is coming in and the wind is SUPER cold. but its for everybody's health :)

maybe i should post up my nails soon. i did a christmas thingy on my nails!! with gingerbread man and a christmas tree! :DDDDD

so ya.. that 's it .. i really have nothing much to crap about. because I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING!! nothing exciting happened! so nothing to blog about. hahaha!!!


Tuesday, 13 December 2011


during the exam week,

i neglected my skin, my body, my health. :(
now i look like crap!

with eyebags, horrible skin ( both face and body), horrible hair, etc.

now it is time to make it ALL back to near perfection.
maybe i will post up some of the products i used! in future posts. :DD

actually i only use a few products. so it isnt a lot :DD

Sunday, 11 December 2011


hi world!

my exams have ended. on thurday.
but it isnt holidays for me YET :( i have TONNES of assignments left to do!!!


  1. one technical review ( 10 pages)
  2. one mini project report ( 8 pages)
  3. one datasheet
  4. one Problem Based Learning question for my biostatistics class.

and the best thing is that my group mateS are flying off on sunday. fly off back to china, fly off to malaysia to play. =.=

i swear i will make an expensive phone call to china and malaysia scolding them if they complete crap for their section of their work. its only me and another group mate left in singapore to complete this huge project. and all those above are due on friday! 16 dec.! WTF! 

i am so worried that my groupmates that is flying off giving crap work because she has done it before! 
no names mentioned. but in the previous semester, we had out holidays before the examinations ( the school system is jsut screwed) so during the 3 week holidays, she flew off back to china. and once again, we have tonnes of work to complete. that time, she really gave crap!! 

really. its crap!! 

she gave her section of the report where she DID NOT do in text citation. she DID NOT do end of text citation ( for the reference section ) and she DID NOT paraphase from her sites. WTF. she literally copied and pasted. that crap we CANNOT SUBMIT! without intext citation, no proper end text citation, NO PARAPHASING?!!!! 
seriously she can go and die. 

i cant search to see which cite she used for which paragraph, i can paraphase for her. its seriously clearing up shit of someone else's....

so in the end, i RE-DO her WHOLE entire section. which makes me want to die. seriously... 

and if she does that again this time, i swear i will call her, i swear i will tell the lecturers. 

and for my final year project next year, i DO NOT want to be in the same group as her. as she does not give constructive suggestions, she does not give proper contributions, she do not even plan her schedule or prioritise her work properly. ( even during exam week, she can still be going to watch movies, watch dramas online) like seriously???! why am i suffering hell here??! 

i dont get it! why must she fly home almost IMMEDIATELY when the holidays start.?!! doesnt she know that WE HAVE ASSIGNMENTS TO DO?!!! i mean she can totally screw her GPA, but she shall NEVER screw up mine. and because her weak understanding in english and her weak foundation in english, she cant do presentation properly, she can converse in english properly, she can even understand the english that the lecturers used! how the hell does she even understand what the lecturers are talking about in class!???? 

like a bitch yo! 

seriously i can continue for the whole day if i want to. 
but i have assignments to perfect. so bye!!  

Saturday, 10 December 2011

hello kitty biscuits!


i loveee hello kitty.
and one day when i came home from school, look what's on my table!!

my mum bought this hello kitty strawberry pocky !!!

they even have some comic at the back of the box!!!

and inside,

look at how awesome the japanese are! they are so detailed!!!!!!! hello kitty can even be found on the plastic wrapper!

this is totally awesome!

Friday, 9 December 2011

I don&apos;t understand.

I don't understand about blogging.. It's not rocket science you know. It's not like ANYONE can over think about blogging. Okayyy it's actually possible to over think it. Like how one of my classmates totally over thinked and over imagined about how crackled nail polish works.

I don't get it! Why did I lose 2 followers?? And one of the two followers is the ONLY commenter of my blog. -.-
I have a sad blog right... ...

I don't get it! Must I organise a giveaway and force people to follow me via GFC and on twitter??

That way of obtaining followers so u can have high blog hits and so you can get sponsors is just BULLSHIT!!

Like hello! This is my blog! And I am QUESTIONMARKYEE ! My life's a questionmark! I have so many interests, so many things I like! I cat restrict to eg: nail polish. And FYI, nail polish + nail polish removers causes cancer! Unless one smart ass formulated a nail polish that doesn't use ACETONE and still sell it at dirt cheap price then nail polish application can be don't everyday.!

In addition, I am a SCIENCE STUDENT!! The real people who are CRAZYY about science are just weird! Like honestly WEIRD! So expect my style of blogging to be DIFFERENT!

Even though I really want to get followers to get sponsorships, I don't care now. Follow me if YOU WANT TO READ MY BLOG.
Blog hits/ blog counts?? Screw that!!! :PPPP isit better if NOBODY VISITS ME!! I can say EVERYTHING I WANT without anybody knowing, anybody reading.

So to all the bitches out there who came here and didn't read my blog and didn't follow me, GET LOST!

Seriously. Fuck of bitches, I am on my road to success to get the cure for cancer YOU NEED. And at that time u will pay me big money. :PPPPP

I am totally awesome.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

my bestfriend's artwork!

hellooooooooo !!!!

was studying with my best friend, and look what she drew for me!!!

cute!!! <333333

thats all for now.

stay awesome!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

k pop!!!! -hyuna

hey there!!!

i am now going to blog about an awesome new song that i am addicted to!!!!!


i swear hyuna( the girl in the MV) is damn bloody hot!!! (Y)!!
and the guy is also very good looking!!! and he's tall!!! hyuna is in her crazy high heels and he is still much taller than her!!!

this is a video of them in MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Award)
which i dont understand why isit called ASIAN when they speak in korean in the award show and only koreans win awards. but nevermind about that!

hyuna is still damn hot!!!

this is hyuna's own song!! which is damn awesome !!! she won some award regarding her dance in bubble pop in MAMA, and when she won it i was like "WHUTTT she won the award by shaking her butt?!" hahah!

so there you have it! the awesome hyuna!!!!
she is awesome!!

i am not paid to advertise anything mentioned in this blog post. the contents in the post are my own personal feeling and opinions.

Monday, 5 December 2011

forests in housing estates in singapore???

hey! look what i found!

looks so forest like!!!

End of my first paper!

Hey there!! I just finished my first paper!! Like 3hours ago. Hahah!!

Anyways, I edited some of my posts. Si you can see the photos!! :DDDD ENJOY!

Shall carry on studying now :/
All the best to me!!!

Sunday, 4 December 2011


look what ive got!!!

my $10 dollars takashimya voucher!!!

i dont know what to buy with this... i was thinking of getting a 2012 scheduler. but i want a hello kitty one and those that have monthly AND Weekly planner and they cost a bomb :( $20 after using the voucher.. around there...


i got this from doing surveys are mymailmoment !!!

want vouchers like this?? or NTUC vouchers? robinsons vouchers?

email me!
get referal from me!! and get these vouchers!!


i am not paid to do any form of advertisment


I wanna go for first aid classes!!!!...

K after my exams I will call the organiser and asks questions!!!!..

Saturday, 3 December 2011

kpop outfits inspired nails!

hi there!!

i have been reading lisa's blog! and she have some awesome kpop inspired nails!

i have decided to do one of her secret design!

i didnt have ANY silver polishes. :/ so i used some gold tape to do the designs!!
i used polishes from my sem break haul.
the faceshop polishes and rainbow's black colour.

how is my kpop inspired nails???

i know i am awesome thanks. hahaha!

Friday, 2 December 2011

before my mid semestral test post

hi there!

shall spend some times blogging before my mid semestral test starts ( the coming mondy :/).

actually there is no agenda to this blog post. i just feel like ranting, blogging, doing something before i start my revision hell. :/
christmas is coming!! so excited! i want to go shopping!!! and i read in today's (2/12/2011) urban, and it says that there are personal shoppers in some stores! i was really amazed that in singapore, there is such a thing called personal shopper. in the article, it mentioned that in one particular store, the personal shopper is a 71 year old lady who have 50 years experience in fashion!!! its really fascinating that the personal shopper is 71 years old! i think that is the age of my grandmother... .. according to the critics, the advices and the service provided by her is great. so you cant judge one by her age!!

seriously this world is crazy. haha!

now i shall blog about something that is happening to me, in school.

we have this biostatistic test and it was really a tough paper, because there are about 5 topics? and they are all covered within two weeks! okay. i think it can be considered reasonable as i have 8 hours of lessons (lectures and tutorials) for this module. but its ridiculous when you need to take a test that has a 40% weightage on the module when u just learnt that topics!
so anyways, the test was tough. and one of my classmate broke down after the paper. :( and as a class rep, and a person with compassion, i showed care to her even though i wasnt exactly her good friend. we are just normal friends, normal classmates. but i really feel for her. she wasnt coping well with her studies bexause she wasnt coming to school often due to whatever reason she have, so she didnt attend some lectures and didnt understand many topics.
but at the same time, i could really help her in her academics. i am struggling to achieve good grades myself! :( so i really didnt know what to do at that time when she broke down. i couldnt say "its okay" because it ISNT okay! you screw this test and there goes your B! and i couldnt say "you need help just ask me" because i suck in my studies as well!
so i didnt know what to do, i just patted her and gave her a packet of tissue that i took from another classmate of mine. (hahah!)

but seriously, when i am down, i dont need a lot, i dont want people to say "stop crying"/"dont cry". i just need to know that i have friends, i just need a hug, i just need someone to just hold my hands and grab it firmly so i know that i have friends with me; around me. 

hahaha! this is because i cry a lot. :( in class.:( and i know when i am down, i wished that my friends know what i am feeling and what i hope that they will do. ahah!

so that's tips to console a crying girl!

and there you have it! a blog post! hahha
i know i am awesome! hahah!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Online shopping

Hey! Does anyone know where I can buy cheap polishes that ships free in US??

I have a friend who is going to the US for attachment training programme/ internship. So I wanna get him to bring some back for me!!! :DDDDD

look what i got!

i went to the mall near my house and they are giving out FREE...

lays swiss cheese flavour!!!!

FREE! really!! and i LOVE CHEESE!!!!

cheese = awesome!! <3333